Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take me out to the ball game...

What a time we had Sunday night! Austin had his baseball game! They went all out! It was played at the local town's High school Varsity Baseball Field. There was a free concession stand, complete with popcorn, nachos, chili cheese dogs, and sodas. There was the national anthem, songs played throughout the game ("We will rock you", "Take me out to the ball game", "The chicken dance", and "We are the champions").
Tyler wasn't with us, he had his last night of confirmation class and they were going to play laser tag. So, Anthony, Carli, and I grabbed our food and headed to the stands. Carli was very excited to see her, "Bubby" play baseball!
She enjoyed every minute of it!
Even the Chicken dancing through the stands!
Some of the high school's cheerleaders were there too!
Why did I take a picture of the dugout? Because these two were in there!
The game was wonderful! The announcer gave ever child a nickname when they came up to bat. Austin was, Austin "The Ram" Ramirez!
The whole organization was great. They announced several groups in town that raised money to put this on. One organization raised $10,000! Everyone was so nice. Caring. Patient! At one point, I saw a boy that has Down Syndrome, not wanting to play, he just wanted to sit in the grass in the infield. Well, the older man that was his helper, just sat right in front of him and they rolled the baseball to each other back and forth! They all made sure that every child there had the best baseball experience possible! I know Austin sure did-and us too! I would've taken so many more pictures and video of that game, but I was having such a blast screaming and clapping! And this is Matt's friend, Justin, that plays on his team too. He came out on the field with Austin too! Uh, my heart melts! There's hope for the youth today! Not only do things like this make an impact on the children, but what these high schoolers will learn is that it will have a greater impact on them!
We have an awards ceremony Wednesday night. So more pictures to come.
Here's some short videos of parts of the game. The one thing I SO WISH I would've gotten videoed, was Austin's last run in to home plate!! He talks about what he did in the last video! Matt had told him to do it! It was the icing on the cake!
Remember to scroll down and pause my music, and come back up to view the videos. The wind was blowing quite hard, so you'll hear that. ENJOY!

Gettin' ready to bat 09 from Michelle Ramirez on Vimeo.

Runnin' to 2nd 09 from Michelle Ramirez on Vimeo.
And I realize that in this video he's running from 2nd not to.

Runnin' home!09 from Michelle Ramirez on Vimeo.

Austin's bball interview 09 from Michelle Ramirez on Vimeo.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Veronica!

Today is my good gal pal, Veronica's BIRTHDAY! V, I hope you've had a GRRREAT DAY! You totally deserve it! Love you!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Anthony is home. Grandma seems to be looking a tad better. Anthony even made her chuckle! (I believe Melanie has it on video and I would love to have it-hint hint!!). The plans are to get her a little stronger, to start her on dialysis. However, just moments ago, we heard that her lungs are shutting down. This is all we know as of now. I will continue to update. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS!
It's Sunday night, Anthony is on his way to Bryan, to see his Grandma (she has congestive heart failure, renal failure, and diabetes) in the hospital. I'm not sure of many details, just that she's having breathing problems, kidneys are shutting down, and she's been given blood three times today, due to her loosing blood (not sure where she's loosing blood too?). Things aren't looking good. Please keep our family in your prayers, for this is the woman who holds this huge family together! We love her so so much! And while you're praying, please keep Anthony's Aunt Irene(she had back surgery this past Monday.) in your prayers too, along with Grandpa (who has renal cancer and diabetes), my mother in law, Mary (She receives dialysis three times a week. She suffers from Diabetes).(in case you didn't know, these are Anthony's grandparents, with their six daughters. They also have a son, Robert, the oldest of their children, who past away in '92).

Happy Birthday Rose!

My WONDERFUL co-teacher and good friend is having a BIRTHDAY TODAY!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS.ROSE! Enjoy your day! Many blessings to you!

Friday, April 24, 2009


A couple of towns over, a little church sponsors a baseball camp. It's for physically and mentally disabled children who want to play baseball. There are 4 practices, a game, an awards ceremony, team pictures, their jersey and cap, and even a yard sign...all for free! Austin REALLY wanted to play baseball. In fact, he always says that he wishes he could play sports and even act and sing! So when he came home with the flyer about this camp, we were all for it! They ended up getting way more children signed up than in years past, so they had to do some re-doing of sorts, but man are they organized! Like I said, it's a couple towns over, but it's worth the drive. It's at their High school's Varsity Baseball Field. Every child gets their own person to stay with/help them the whole time. we couldn't have asked for a better person to be Austin's helper! He's the High school Varsity Baseball Team's PITCHER! Austin just thinks he's the GREATEST! He really is a sweet guy! The sign for our yard!
Austin and Matt.Austin is now done with his practices and the big game is on Sunday, with the ceremonies the following Wednesday.
We are SO proud of him! We were shocked at how wonderful he was at it! He runs so fast and can really hit and throw!!! We were talking to his Life Skills teacher and he said that he has the kids play sports everyday (and lift little weights). He said that Austin does really well with baseball and kickball. He suggests that for next year, the Special Olympics Basketball and Track. YAY! We can't wait! GOOO AUSTIN! BIG MAN!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful? Yes, for lots of things! One being, that Austin is sleeping, peacefully! Yesterday morning around 7am, he had a seizure. Not knowing what the day would hold, we kept him home. Seizures are so unpredictable. There could be any scenario: Have a seizure-come out of it like nothing ever happened; have a seizure-sleep for a couple of hours, come out of it like nothing ever happened; have a seizure-sleep all day long; have several seizures through out the day- awake in between, like nothing ever happened; or several seizures all day long, while sleeping the whole day...confused yet? He ended up waking up a couple of hours later, was talking great, eating LOTS, and listening to the TV while playing. So, I start to think, maybe I should send him to school? Nah, might as well keep him home. After a good lunch, I told him that he needed to try and rest. He took a nap, but around 2pm, he had a seizure. Then 4pm. Then 7pm...and continued a few more times during the night! All this while sleeping. His last one was about 6:15 this morning, and he's sleeping, peacefully. Thankfully!
I have a big post all about Austin and what he's been up too the past week and a half, so check back probably tomorrow. A hint is in the above picture.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Let's get ready to ruuuummmble...

OOPS...That's boxing! This post is about wrestling!
I'm way late on this, but truth is, I just now got the cd. These pictures were taken with a disposable camera and so I had to take it to the store.
ANYWAY, back on Sunday, April 5th, Anthony and the boys went to see Wrestle Mania at the Reliant Center. Remember, Tyler eats, sleeps, and breathes this stuff, so this was HUGE! They had to make signs, wear shirts, and wanted to take my camera-um NO! I bought them a disposable camera to use. I gave them (meaning ANTHONY) instructions to take pictures of the whole night. The above pictures I took with the camera before they left.
Once I got the pictures back today, I couldn't wait to see all of the pictures they took! Hmmm...I guess this is what happens when you let your husband and the 10 year old take the pictures!
OH. MY. WORD!At least Anthony did take A picture of my kids! Tyler took the rest I believe. This must be the guy that Tyler said drank "like 5 beers". So I'm thinkin' he's also the one that spilled beer on Tyler's $20 program that was laying on the FLOOR! And if you're waiting on me to say something about the man's appearance...lol, I'm just not going too! He was in every picture!This would be the best (out of 19) that they took! Tyler said, "hey I tried!" Yes son, you did! All that matters is that they had a great time...and they DID! They didn't get home until 11pm. They couldn't sleep because they were so pumped!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blogging break?

I didn't mean to have a blogging break...but it's been since Tuesday since I've posted! SORRY!
I could say that I've been really busy or just really lazy?! Who knows? Carli has had a cold all week, nothing major. Other than that, we've all been good! I DO have a few NEW POSTS...Check back on Monday or Tuesday!
Have a GREAT weekend!
We will be indoors, due to the wild hail producing thunderstorms-YUCK!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home repair

Because I need a laugh this morning, let's start off with a knock knock joke, courtesy of Austin's joke book!
Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Diploma who?
Diploma's here to fix the leak!
And it's true! The plumber is here because around 2am this morning, I heard water...
dripping from my ceiling!
So I got out the bowls. Anthony turned off the water. Looked in the attic at our hot water heater, and saw that it was gushing water from the top! So, it was quite an interesting morning with the boys and Ant getting ready to leave for school and work.
The plumber has just informed me that we have to get a new hot water heater!
OH, and I forgot to mention that our garage door is broken too! Please, nothing else break!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter

BEFORE I tell you all about our Easter, I want to say," HAPPY 13 YEARS OF MARRIAGE TO JONI & GERARD!!!" They're such a sweet, funny duo and very caring to others!
Easter yesterday: After the kids dug into their Easter baskets, we headed to church. The weather was very gloomy and rainy! Carli was not happy...it could've been the weather, but really, I think it's because she's got a cold! After we went to church, we came home and Anthony barbecued-he happened to have a good window of time when it wasn't raining. Naps for all soon followed. Then Tyler hung out with Ryan, riding bikes, then of course, playing XBOX and eating, while the rest just played in the backyard, because the weather turned BEAUTIFUL! It was a great Easter!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today is GRANDPA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A WONDERFUL MAN! We love you SO much and pray for you everyday! God bless you!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bunnies Bunnies Bunnies!!!

As I'm typing this, the song, "Here comes Peter Cottontail" is playing in my head! Do you have any idea how many times a day Carli and I sing this? How many times I've sang it with my kids at school? Anyway, I love BUNNIES! I have lots of Easter decorations, especially bunnies. When I was little, I collected porcelain bunnies. I would get one every year in my Easter basket. Even till this day! Sad to say, but some have lost ears, been glued back on. Some have just not made it. Some get put out, and some stay in the box, due to lack of places to put them (example, no coffee table or entertainment center). Here are some of them I have out now. Next year, I'll bring out the others. OH, and if you have a co-teacher that is a Stampin' Up consultant, you and your little girl get WAY CUTE stuff like this:
Carli's of course, is the little Easter bunny. It had M&M's in it. You like all of the chocolate smudges on it?
Have a good, Good Friday!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Carli's First Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Party!

Wednesday was a busy day for Carli and I. We each had our class Easter egg hunt and party! Carli took tulips to each of her teachers (not a good picture at all-oh well)
I was in charge of doing Carli's class party. Kind of difficult when I have my own class to do, but it all worked out with help from Lindsay and Tracy, who helped hide the eggs (they both work with me and they each have a child in Carli's class) and then later Anthony. I was able to watch Carli's egg hunt, while someone helped with Ms. Rose in our class.
Carli walking in the hall on her way outside.She ONLY WANTED the PINK EGGS!!!!
After the hunt, they stayed outside and continued their recess time, but I had to go back to my class. That's when DADDY came! Talk about teamwork. He then went to McDonald's to pick up TEN Happy Meals and brought them back to the classroom, where he stayed. I hear he was helpful! I came into the party right about the time of their dessert. MMM...the BUNNY COOKIES!!! Every occasion, Carli gives her friends' a holiday cookie! Thank you KATHY!