Friday, October 31, 2008


In honor of Halloween Day, I thought we would visit Halloween past and see my favorite costumes the kids have worn.
Now the boys have had lots of Halloween costumes. It just so happens that my favorite costume for each of them was the same year!
1999-This year, Austin was 5, in LOVE with Toy Story, so he went as Woody! Tyler was 17 months, in LOVE with Teletubbies, so he went as Po!
(My origional picture isn't blurry, for some reason, scanning it made it blurry!)
Now Carli has only had two Halloween's. Her FIRST HALLOWEEN was my FAVORITE! 2006- She was a little ladybug. This costume belonged to Annsley and she wore it on her first Halloween too. Thank you Joni for allowing us to borrow it. Hope everyone has a good time trick or treating tonight!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Miranda, a very sweet friend of mine (and former co-teacher), is celebrating her 26th BIRTHDAY today! I hope you have a WONDERFUL DAY! I saw this cake and immediately thought of you! Aren't you glad I didn't pick a pumpkin one? :) I wish I would've scanned some pictures of us...I have some great ones.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm not crafty, although I dream to be. Most of my friends are scrapbookers, and a couple are Stampers. A friend of mine who I've been friends with for many years, and is now my co-teacher, has been doing Stampin' Up for I think 10 years? She does "make and take" classes at her house all of the time. Sunday, I decided maybe I should finally go to one. I'm glad I did. Of course the food and fellowship was great! The crafts were too! We made these toppers for these pixi stixs...You could also do them for pencils. Horrible pictures, all blurry, sorry. The pumpkin one says "You light up the place with that smile on your face" and the bat one says "I'm batty for you"
The MUMMY candy wrapper!!!! You pull the ribbon and out comes the Hershey bar!
OH Frankenstein!!! This is a treat box. The pictures just don't do it justice. His little eyes and nose are 3D! The hair sits on top and is tied on with a ribbon.
Look, it's a Chinese take out box! SO CUTE!
People, I did it ALL by myself! I was so crafty!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's fun to stay at the YMCA....

Friday night, we went to the YMCA for their Fall Festival! It was a lot of fun, it was dark, it was cold, it was a great turn out, and then there was this little bit of a mishap with a certain 5th grade boy who's name starts with a "T" and a 6th grade boy who's name starts with a "R", thinking they were lost- we think the Haunted House had a little something to do with it! ;) They're so "grown"! All was well though! Yep, that's my son lovin' on Cinderella!
Austin sliding!
Carli and Daddy sliding!
Austin throwing the football into the tire hole.
Daddy helping Carli dunk the Basketball!
Her favorite...BUBBLES! She was soaked!
She liked getting to go get a piece of candy after she played her game.
Showing me the goats! Not that you care to know this...the turtle is 65 years old. 3 weeks pregnant with about 20-25 eggs!Taking the time out for a drink and some candy!
Tyler, Ryan, and Austin

Monday, October 27, 2008


Although hard for me, CHANGE, is a good thing!
My wonderful husband, started back in Bryan, at a local bank, in Customer Service...skip ahead 8 years later, the bank has opened several locations in the Houston area and he's been asked to be a Branch Manager and away we went...even though we'd be leaving the town that we both were born and raised in and most of our family still lived there, it was an opportunity that we could not pass up! We were really excited! His location has done very well. After a couple of years of being here, all of the branches were sold to one of the largest banks in the nation. Anthony was still able to keep his job. Back in Bryan, however, many people were not. Anthony just celebrated his 14th year with the bank! He absolutely loves his job (probably the only other job that would make him happier is if he was a Senator or anything political)! Who would have thought that after all of these years, and after many many recruiters calling him, trying to get him to come to their bank, that he would actually go? He thought he'd just go out there and "see". He did... and this bank, he loved! This new bank gave him the feel of the local bank he use to run, before the big time bank took over. Another plus, it's in an up and coming area, with a brand new mall across the street, and IN OUR TOWN!!!!!! The pay was even excellent! Long tug of war later (his current bank was not wanting him to leave, the new bank wanted him to come...figures were back and forth) Anthony had a lot on his plate to figure out. His decision...THE NEW BANK!!!! The new bank had it's opening last Wednesday, and even though Anthony wasn't able to work then, he did go up there and hang out a bit. Friday, was his last day with the old bank! This morning, he started his new bank!!! He was SO SO SO EXCITED!!! In fact, we ALL were SO SO SO EXCITED!!! This is so weird. We have to get use to him being somewhere else, in the same town as us, and all we ever knew was the old bank! Oh, and just a minute ago,I almost called the old bank to talk to him...guess what? I don't even know his new number!!! Here's my Ant-Man on his first day of work!!! I caught him a little off guard!
In honor of his first day, we had cinnamon rolls!
Here's to Anthony! We are so proud of you!!! Thank you for all you do for us! We love you!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Good Day!

After a rough week, I was ready to have a great Monday-wrong! I ended up getting the same stomach virus that Carli had. Luckily we were both better and able to go to school and work on Wednesday, which turned out to be a good day. However, today was even better (even though it's still the middle of the afternoon). After the thunderstorm last night, we woke up to wonderful fall weather!! For some reason, it made me want to shop? Well, I guess like mother like daughter, because after the boys left for school, Carli asked me, "Mommy shoppin'? PEEESE?" (I kid you not!) How could I resist this sweet little face? After I told her yes, she ran to get her shoes and even her puppy to take along for the ride. We got some good buys, including a much needed accessory for her Halloween costume (I'm not telling you what she's going to be!) One of my favorite purchases was this set of pots and pans. I was so excited! Yes, pots and pans! See, Anthony and I have been married for almost 15 years (WOA! Sorry, that just hit me! 15!?) and when we got married, we had no registry or shower. Although we got many wedding gifts, most of what I had belonged to Mimi or my mom. So, I was in need of some good pots and pans. I can so hear my aunts laughing now...ladies, I DO COOK! My family has to eat!

After our shopping, us girls had to eat! We headed to our local tearoom for a chicken salad sandwich, vegetable soup, and sweet tea! MMM...DELICIOUS! It was then time to come home and put Miss Priss down for a nap. So here I sit in a quiet house after some great food and retail therapy on a good day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lack of blogging

So it's been about a week since I've posted. Nothing too exciting has been going on at Casa Ramirez. I haven't even taken many pictures. We've just been doing our normal routine of school, work, and church. We actually have had a little rough patch with Ausitn and his seizures last week, but he is doing really good now! Yesterday was a LONG day! It all started with Carli waking at 4am THROWING UP! She threw up about five times yesterday. Around noon, she had a febrile seizure, resulting in a fever! We gave Motrin to her, but the fever hung around, so we then we gave her Tylenol, and that seemed to knock it out. She slept off and on all day and by the night time, she was on the mend! She woke up once in the middle of the night, not crying, but simply asking for "Daddy". They snuggled and she woke up around 9am this morning and she is back to her ol' sweet baby girl self! THANK GOD!
( Why is it hard for me to get a picture of them BOTH smiling?)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Conversations with Carli

(Carli eating a chip-it has nothing to do with the post-just a random picture!)

Everyday, we have several of the same conversations with Carli. Although shy in public, this chic is a chatterbox!

Everytime she sees a comercial on tv for toys, movies, or it could be just a commercial with an animal on it.
Carli: Mommy? Daddy buy me dat?
Me: Go ask Daddy.
Carli: K!
Carli: (After running back from asking Daddy) MOMMY! DADDY CAN! DADDY CAN!

Carli: Mommy? Daddy work, (name of Anthony's bank here)?
Me: Yes, Carli.
Carli: Yes, Daddy (name of Anthony's bank here)! Daddy MISS ME!

Anytime we're getting dressed.
Carli: Goin' bye bye! Me too?
Mommy or Daddy: Yes, we're going bye bye and you can go too!
Carli: Where we goin'? Mall? Chuch? My class?

Carli: My Daddy buy me prize! (suprise)
Whomever she is talking to then asks her what the suprise is or just repeats what she says.
There will be a post another day on her OBSESSION with puppies!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


UNBELIEVABLE...I know, I say that with every child's birthday! But, really, WHY do they grow up SO fast? Like this little Miss...EIGHT YEARS OLD TODAY?! We met her when she was Carli's age!?
You are such a sweet, sweet, smart, athletic, pretty girl! We hope you have a FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY and PARTY!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


This morning, after getting dressed, I come into the LIVING ROOM to find this... After I SCREAM, I notice a certain little girl's hand...
Then I scream some more...going over and over and over that we DO NOT COLOR ON WALLS, CARPET, BODIES...ONLY PAPER!!! She constantly kept saying, "Mommy I color people carpet" ( I think that meant she was drawing people on MY CARPET!) Then she kept saying, "OOOHHH I sowee Mommy! NO NO COLOR CARPET! NO NO COLOR HAND!"
Thankfully, it ALL came off- the carpet and her hands! She got the markers out of Tyler's room, that were in his nightstand drawer...the door was also shut to his room! TWO YEAR OLDS! UGH!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Drum roll please...

The winner of a great gift card from this great store

that's right, Joni! Congratulations!
Thank you everyone for commenting on my 100th post! My blog may not be the most entertaining around, but I love blogging and I am so glad I started this blog! Here's to 100 more!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today is our... How exciting! I can't believe it?!
This should be a cause for another celebration!
Leave a comment and we'll draw to see who the winner is. You have until midnight tonight. Good luck!

Monday, October 6, 2008




Sunday, October 5, 2008

3 weeks...

That's how long it's been since Carli was at preschool and I was at work. Due to Ike, the church where Carli goes to MDO and I work at, had lots of damage and the power had been out. But Wednesday, we started back again! YAY for routines and schedules! Carli did excellent! I'm not sure why I worry, she always does better than I expect. Even when she saw me with my class and she was with her class, at the Fireman puppet show, she just waved to me and told me HI! I'm so proud of herOn a totally different note, last night, in her room, Carli turned her table upside down, sat her chair on it and was pretending to drive. Next, (this part is for BRADLEY!) she found an autographed baseball from Tyler's little league days, in Anthony's closet, and has claimed it as hers. We heard her say, "LIKEY BWADLEY!", "HIT DA BALL!" We went in and asked her what she was doing and she said, "I payin' basuhball! She showed us...
what she did was put the ball on top of the leg of the table and using a piece of her baby bed (Apparently, when I took her crib apart, I left a piece behind), she hit the baseball, then ran to the living room and back to her room!
She played that way for a long time and would get this excited everytime she would hit it!

Friday, October 3, 2008

This is political as I get...

This blog is about our family. Although everyone that knows Anthony, knows that he has a love for politics, I promised myself that I would not get political on our blog, however, with the upcoming election, I thought that I would post a link to a very important video.
Please click on the link to view the video and take notice of the name:
Isn't that GREAT?!
When I showed Anthony, you could see the stars in his eyes, as if it were true! I love him!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am SO PROUD of my baby brother, Chad! He serves in the United States Army. He's been to Iraq. He has been going to school for engineering. He's a husband and a daddy. He got his orders to transfer to HAWAII in January. This morning, he was promoted to SERGEANT! Uh, my heart could just burst with pride! We're excited for this new journey this sweet little family will now take. CONGRATULATIONS CHAD!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birthdays all around...

Here's cakes for all of the birthday folks:
Today is my AUNT TERRY's BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it's a WONDERFUL day! Saturday was JOY's BIRTHDAY! I hope you had an AMAZING BIRTHDAY!
This past Saturday was also my cousin JASON's BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a TERRIFIC DAY!
Yes, that is a cake of Kyle Field! WOW!
FYI: My Aunt Terry's son is Jason and Joy is Jason's wife. Isn't that neat? Husband and wife born on the exact SAME day AND year in the SAME hospital!!