Thursday, September 20, 2012


Carli lost her THIRD tooth. I was begining to wonder when she would lose another one. She lost her first two over a year ago, within a two week span. She already has two adult teeth. This one had been loose and hangin' on for dear life, when Tuesday morning it was bothering her, so she pulled it out! Of course the tooth fairy came, you can see her fairy dust! Yesterday after school she took her money and picked out a jump rope, pink of course. She's been wanting one for quite a while.

Today was picture day at school and that meant, SCHOOL DRESS CODE RELEASE! She was pretty excited not to wear uniform and pick out her own outfit. She was so ready for picture day, that I couldn't get a chance to take her picture. She was walking too fast ahead of me!

Austin has had a good week so far with no seizures and he's been making it to school and staying there all day.

Tyler has been busy husslin' raising money for his choir fundraiser. It goes toward their choir trip to Disney in the spring. Can't believe he's old enough to be in high school and go on that kind of trips.

Random: Aside from cats bothering the mess out of Charlie (see previous post), we also have DUCKS! Everyday there are several ducks waddlin' through our yard.

Wednesday, the space shuttle Endeavor flew directly over my house! I was amazed! It was so low that I could see every bit of it! They said it was probably flying about 1300ft. and 250mph, since it was so close to landing at Ellington Field. It really was so exciting!

And now for my knee...I had my MRI Tuesday. I thought surely I had torn a ligament or two or whatever, but nope. I have severe arthritis in my left knee. It's also starting in my right knee. CAN NOT believe that! I'm 38, I have arthritis. I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor to further discuss. I will also talk to him about my back. My aunt thinks that my muscle spasms have something to do with arthritis. So I'll update once I go to that doctor.

Annndd that's all for now.

Monday, September 17, 2012

My days

Like everyone, I've been busy. Extra, extra busy since Anthony is not here during the week and only comes home on weekends.
My days start at 5:15am.
The boys are out the door at 6:30am
Carli and I leave to walk to school at 7:40am.
 We've really enjoyed walking to school with friends!
I get back at 8am and start my "chores" and run errands.
Before you know it, Austin is coming home at 2:30pm and Tyler shortly after.
I leave walking to pick up Carli at 2:55pm.
Then it's back home with her and snacks for all.
They all have homework, so they start it at 3:30pm.
Dinner is at 5pm.
Then showers and bed.
Austin goes to bed at 7pm. He has to have a lot of sleep due to tiredness triggering a seizure.
Carli is in bed at 7:30pm
Tyler is in bed at 8:30pm
Once they go to bed, I start getting things ready for the next day and "put my house to bed".
I collapse about 10pm.

 Total random...the house across the street has a momma cat and about 4-5 kittens. Oh how it drives Charlie nuts! Especially when they lounge on my front porch, like the above picture.
 And you can see where Charlie stays perched and stares at them; my dining room!
 Austin has been having  more seizures lately and missing more school. When he's had a rough day of seizures, Charlie is right there in bed with him! These days are exhausting for him and I. I believe it has a lot to do with us letting him eat more food from the cafeteria.
 Being that it's the beginning of the school year, I've had three "meet the teacher" nights.
Tyler also had his very first high school choir concert!
They sounded fantastic! WOW!
That's not even all of the choirs. More were coming on stage.
The kids also got their progress reports last Friday and they all did so well!
Grade/school wise, we're off to a great start!
And lastly, I try not to talk about my aches and pains, but I thought I would now.
During packing/moving, I was carrying a box of dishes, when I tripped over a pile of clothes and shoes that I had ready for Goodwill. I landed on top of my left knee on the tile floor. My knee is still hurting after all of this time. I've had an x-ray, but it was negative. So I have an MRI scheduled. Well, that MRI is coming at a good time because last Friday, I fell again, on the same knee. This time I was walking home from taking Carli to school and tripped on a piece of cement sticking up. Lovely. 8am traffic. Close to the crosswalk.OMG! Thankfully I had two good friends and two men that helped me because I could not get up! My knee hurts so bad! I'll post an update on Austin and myself soon.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

For Daddy

Here's more pictures dad.
I found these next three on my cell.
 I believe ther were from the last time the kids and I were in Bryan and went over to the high school.
 Look at Carli's face....she LOVES her Bubby!

 I still have a hard time seeing this in her room!
 I have even more of a hard time with the fact that YOU bought it for her!
 Our boys catch the bus so incredibly early!
 High schoolers being at school by the tardy bell, 7:15?!
And your two littlest loves.