Thursday, March 31, 2011

Missin' My House - The rest of the house

Now, the rest of the house. On each side of the living room is a hall way. The first hallway leads to the boys' bedrooms and bathroom.Tyler's room.Austin's room.Their rooms have an adjoining bathroom.The second hallway leads to our master bedroom/master bathroom,Carli's bedroom,and the hall bathroom, which was designated as Carli's bathroom.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Missin' My House

One year ago we were moving into a fantastic house. We've been gone from it (along with a great group of friends and town) for three months. I'm sure missin' it all!The side and back of our home.The view from the front door.The dining room on one side of the entry.Anthony's game room on the other side of the entry.Our living room.The kitchen.Pass the fridge is the laundry room, pantry and dining room.I'll post the rest of the house tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Ramblings

We had a very nice weekend!

Friday, night we just hung around the house.

Saturday, I took Carli to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, for a boy in her class. She had so much fun running around there with her new friends like she's known them for years! It sure made me happy!

Sunday morning, Ant's momma and brother Chris came over for breakfast. That afternoon, I had a Scentsy party that Melanie hosted. She had a good turn out. FUN! Oh, and you noticed there were NO PICTURES, AGAIN! UGH! Shame on me! I don't like a pictureless post, so, I will throw in this picture... You know I love food! So, here's a lil' obsession my brother in law told me about Friday. Of course, anything by Blue Bell is wonderful, BUT, Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream is absolutely FABULOUS!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Bart

We hope you have an outstanding day!
We love you! I posted this picture a couple of years ago, but HAVE to post it again! I love this picture of my baby girl Carli and her God father! So sweet! He has always taken her outside to see the puppies! Even sweeter, is that the little sundress Carli is wearing in this picture, belonged to her God sister, Emily, about six-seven years prior!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Should probably document this

although daddy may want to forget it! Ha!
There's a little boy in Carli's class who is quite sweet on her.
He is precious!
During one of their class parties, he announced to the class
(parents were there too) that he wanted to marry Carli!
The other morning when I dropped her off at her classroom,
that same little boy brought her this FLOWER!Oh adorable!
It totally melted my heart!
Hopefully he'll continue to be so thoughtful as he grows up!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our week

Well, there are NOOOO PICTURES of my kids, husband, or myself in this post! WAAAHHH!!!
I was horrible with my camera this week! So upsetting to me! I will give you a recap of our week though.

Monday, back to school after Spring Break! Everyone did good getting up for their day.

Tuesday, Miss.Carli went over to Molly's house for a haircut (her lil' bob is back and it's just way too cute on that lil' sweet round face!) and some play time with her little girl, who's six. I got in some good chatting time with Molly, which was way past due! Then, Mimi ate dinner at our house with us.

Wednesday, Gina came over to close out her Scentsy basket party and wow, did she get a whopping amount of warmers and bars, all for FREE, just from doing the basket party! She has also signed up to be a consultant, so she'll be making money too!

Thursday, Austin went to a Special Olympics Track meet and toward the end of the day had a seizure. He got too hot. Once he got home and took a nap, he was his happy go lucky self! That night, Melissa did her first Scentsy party as a consultant, so Anthony and I went, in case she needed any help...which she didn't. Good job Melissa!

And on a completely random note. I LOVE deserts! I'd rather eat desert than actual food. Cake balls are a lil' weakness I have, along with anything red velvet! SO, I must share these pieces of heaven with you!
THESE just made my Starbuck's run a a bit more expensive and fatter!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Penelope!

Happy Birthday lil' cousin! We hope you have a FUN day! We love you!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Church ladies

Rachael just posted this on Fb and I HAD to post it on my blog so that I would always have it! This is Rose and I shopping the other night! We loved this store! Don't we look like church ladies? Or as my friend Cara said, it looks like we're headed to the races! I miss you Rose!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Spring Break visiting!

Thursday had visitors too. Cousins Melanie and Monique, Deyanira, Christian, and Emily!
Friday came ROSE, RACHAEL, and ROLAND! OH HOW WE'VE MISSED THEM!!! We haven't seen Rose and Roland since DECEMBER on the day we moved!
We hung out during the day, then Rose, Rachael, and I ditched the kids with Anthony and headed out for dinner, shopping, driving around, and then dessert! We got home I think close to midnight! We had so much fun and made me really miss my friends and old town! :(
It's been a nice Spring Break. Great weather, great company! I have to say though, I'm a little bit ready to get back into the routine of things.

Friday, March 18, 2011


So far, our spring break has been all about the visiting!
I wasn't good with taking pictures this week! I only took TWO! It's usually because I'm too busy chatting!

Our visits have included an ol' friend of ours, for the past twelve years, Francine. Her two oldest boys are our boys' ages. It was good catching up with her and meeting her fourth child. It's been eight years since we've seen each other!

We had cousins Gabby, Rachael, and Philip come over to play.

Then my other long time friend Gina came over. I use to babysit her baby, who is now ten years old!

Wednesday, we hung out with Mimi and ate from Casa Ole'!

We still have a couple of more visits to come and hopefully I'll do better taking pictures!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break

This past weekend started ourAt first, I thought,"OOHH NO! NINE DAYS with all three kids at home!"
But now I'm realizing, a good lil' break from the busyness of our routines, AND this new time change, is just what we ALL need! We've been go, go, go, since October when Anthony took the new job. As soon as we moved, it was Christmas, then three kids starting three different new schools.
We have a few visits with friends planned, this week, but hopefully we'll be takin' it easy!
This past Friday was so pretty outside, and Carli suggested we "garden". So, we went and she picked out flowers to plant. I told her what to do and she did it! She was precious! She loved it! Her first lil' flower garden!She takes such good care of it too and shows everyone who comes over!While we were at the store, she kept wanting to buy flowers. So, we picked up a couple of more. One for the front porch and the other for the back porch table.What a way to kick start spring break!