Saturday, April 28, 2012

Special Weekend

Friday night, Austin went out of town with some of his classmates and teachers.
They went to the Special Olympics dinner and dance.
This was the first time he's ever done anything without us.
Man did he have a blast! He LOVES to dance!
 The very next morning, at 6:15, they all loaded the bus again
 to go back to the Special Olympics. This time we went too. 
He placed 3rd in his Softball Throw event.
He was suppose to do the 50 meter too, but we decided to call it a day for Austin.
He was so proud to have his "little bro" and little sister there!
 He had to tell everyone who they were.
I caught him "warming up".
He was doing jumping jacks.
And he throws...YES, LEFT HANDED...but he's right handed for everything else.
My pictures got out of order, but who cares...LOOK AT THAT MEDAL!
 Carli and Tyler kept occupied by climbing all over the place!
It was a long day in the sun, wind, and crowds,
but in the end it was totally worth it!
Yep, totally worth it to see how proud he was of his medal!
And we were so proud of him!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kindergarten Field Trip and Art Gallery

Carli's Kindergarten Field Trip today
was to the local museum and then to one of the parks to eat lunch and play.
(blurry cause she was runnin' to the bus!)

(loved the bus!)
(no pictures please mom!)

(she was getting bored listening to the presentation)

(park time! same park I went to all through elementary school)
Later this evening, we attended her Kindergarten Art Gallery.
We had refreshments, saw a slideshow of her and her friends during art class,
and admired her tree painting!

(oh, and this fish made from the outline of her hand, was made into stickers.)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bestie Lunch

Deyanira and I were in serious need of some BFF time,
 so I picked her up from work and we headed to lunch at the fabulous Cafe Eccell!
 I hadn't been there in....I have no idea how many years? Shame!
It was so fantastic!
 Obviously so fantastic that it was more important to take pictures of our food and not us! Haha!!
 We always order something different from each other and then split it up.
 That way you get lots of different food!
It was such a great lunch date with Deyanira and made for a happy day!
I sure love that girlie!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Springtime babies

I added two more pictures at the end of this post. Tracy emailed them to me saying that momma and her 13 ducklings - YES, 13!!!!!!!!!!!!! left their sweet home and were down at the pond! Don't know if they'll go back to it at night or if their done with it? AND in the nest is ONE MORE egg! Not sure what will become of that? Oh I just LOVE this!

Welcome to the world lil' ducklings!
Where were they born?
At our house in P-land! In the flower bed by our front door!
Isn't that SO COOL!
We have a pond in our subdivision and there are always ducks around. Everyday, driving through the neighborhood, you have to stop to let little duck families waddle across the streets! BUT, we aren't super close to the water. So they came quite a way to find a sweet nesting spot.
Tracy said that a few weeks ago, a momma and daddy duck started making a nest there. They started feeding them everyday when she noticed the nest, and then all of the eggs! She said they were so protective and would hiss at them everytime they would get near the front door! Attack of the birds? Ha! She was afraid that over Easter break they would be born and their family would miss it since they would be out of town, but nope. Thankfully, they were able to be there!
Tracy, thank you so very much for keeping us updated and sending these pictures!
What an amazing time for your kids.

Aren't those babies so cute?!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pics By Carli

Last week, one night, Carli took over my cell phone camera...and I'm pretty sure that if I had let her, she could've uploaded them onto my blog and made a post! She's pretty tech savvy! ;)
 Some people were'nt too happy with getting their picture taken. Oh Tyler, SMILE!
 Austin was too busy enjoying his hamburger, The first time he ever had one with EVERYTHING on it! For as long as he's been eating burgers, he's always ate them plain. Meat only. So this was a big!
 She loves taking one of us together!
 She loves her Daddy!
 She wanted me to take this one of her holding her baby tortilla that she got from her Great Grandma's house. Aunt Terry made it. Carli always makes "eyes, nose, and a mouth" on her tortillas, but this one she said was too small to do it, so she just shoved it in her mouth. She can eat her weight in tortillas...she loves them!
And our sweet puppy love Charlie! That's exactly what we call him too!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Austin's school days!

We've been very pleased with the care Austin gets at school. I feel complete peace sending him every morning. I mean, high school is a scary place sometimes for parents to send their kids. But imagine parents of a child with a mental disability sending their child to high school. But, the teachers and staff, even the regular ed kids love him!
 It's funny when we go places around town and we see high school students
 and they say "Hey Austin!" Cool huh?!
The teachers really watch over him and teach him as their own. One thing I really love is that everyday, yes, everyday, his teacher will text me. It's usually about how good (or not) his day had gone, how well he did on a task, or what funny thing he said or did.
 I especially love it when she sends me PICTURE text messages!
 These are just a few of many that she has sent.

Don't you wish all teachers did that or you can get a glimpse of your child's day?
Makes this momma feel a sense of calm and happiness!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Part 2

I didn't have my camera or my cell on Easter, SO I've been hounding family to send me Easter pics!
This may end up having several parts to our Easter blog post!
After church, we spent the rest of the day at Great Grandma's house.
BBQ, cake, BINGO, pinatas, and an egg hunt!
You can see that Carli shed the shoes, bow, and jewelry as soon as she got there.
She was ready start playin'!
With enough prizes for everyone!

Lots of second cousins!
Lots of FUN this day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Great Grandpa!

Today is my kiddos' Great Grandpa's Birthday!
They miss him! We all miss him!
We love him!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012-Part1

We had a EGG-CELLENT Easter!
The Easter Bunny came of course.
Carli hunted eggs-in her nightgown and rain boots!
We heard our door bell ringing...and on the porch we found this basket of sweet treats
 from sweet family! 
We got all dressed in our Easter best.
We took several pics, trying to get the "perfect one".
 We tried....
So then we just decided to head to church :)

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Easter Egg-stravaganza!