Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Girl time

Last Friday, I headed to Bryan/College Station-all by myself! I needed some girl time with my BFF, Deyanira! I was SUPER EXCITED and ready! Anthony came home early from work, I had the house full of groceries, and it was clean, and I was packed. I even had the perfect outfit, ironed, on the hangers. I drove off in my nice quiet car, singin' along, when for some reason I happened t0 look in the backseat...I saw my suitcase, but where on earth was my outfit? OH NOOO...it was still at home, hanging on my bedroom door!! I call (maybe crying a tad) to ask Anthony if it was true and he confirmed it! AWW MAN! Well, there was no way I could turn around to go get it. I was more than half way to B/CS. So, I composed myself and just knew that I would have to go shopping for another outfit once I arrived there. Which was NOT the perfect outfit! UGH! I got my outfit, ironed it, got dressed and away we went! That night,we went to the local children's museum where they were having a fundraiser, that was for adults only. There was a band, food, drinks, games, and crafts (yes, crafts!). SO MUCH FUN! Sorry for the blurriness of the pic! I think the flash was off.
Deyanira needed to paint on the paper-covered wall!One of the crafts...koozies! You can laugh at them if you want! We sure did the next day. We probably should have made them when the night started, not when the night was over! We came home, stayed up till the wee hours of the morning, talking, laughing. I was also happy because this family likes to sleep late and so that meant I was going to get to! Well, not quite...my Tyler, my momma's boy, called me at 8:30am to see when I was coming home?! I tried so hard to go back to sleep after that, but couldn't! Once Deyanira and I got dressed, went to a little whole in the wall Mexican restaurant for breakfast. You know those are always the best! Then, it was off to piddle around town, shop, etc. We came home and Bart was cooking our dinner. It was such an AWESOME girl day! It's been a long time since it got to be just us, hangin' out! After dinner, I was looking at her kids, realizing how much we missed them too, and asked if I could bring them home with me? Do you think they said no? Of course not, so they started throwing clothes in suitcases and we loaded up the car! Here's the kicker...Anthony and my kids had NO IDEA that I was bringing them back!!!! We couldn't wait to surprise them!!!! Sam, wearing Carli's sunglasses! Crazy Christian! Fabulous Emily!
My family flipped out when these kids walked in the house! Their faces looked like it was Christmas morning!
We've been having a pretty busy past few days. So that's why there's been a lack of blogging. I have several posts to come. It'll probably be after this weekend, so stay tuned!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

15th Birthday!

Usually, we go to The Rainforest Cafe for Austin's birthday. This year he wanted to go here: What a blast we had! We ate lots and played lots!
Then we came home for cake and icecream!
Again, Happy 15th Birthday Austin!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

23 hours

Austin did great for his 23 hour EEG! Anthony stayed with him the whole time at the hospital, in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. Austin really enjoyed himself. They were brought breakfast, lunch, and dinner (anything they wanted). They even gave Austin a new toy. He got to watch dvds. He had a private room. His dad's undivided attention. Paradise for Austin. This was the light above his bed.This is when they were attatching the hundreds of wires to his head. It took about 45 mins. The wires came off fairly easy, just leaving tons of goop (adhesive/glue) in his hair, which he still has some of in his hair. See the wires, they wrap them up in gause, along with his head, to keep them all together, then they attatch to a small machine that is kept in a little bag, so that he is able to move around the room.
Yes, he still has hair. It looks like he doesn't. Anyway, he's showing me his new toy and dvd.
Playing with his toys.You can see Sponge Bob sitting on the bag that has the machine inside.
Tyler, Carli, and I went to hang out with them. Here Carli is showing me her cashew.
They were enjoying eating some of Austin's snacks.
We won't find out anything for another four weeks, when we have our visit with his neuroligist.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Last week, Tyler and Carli went again to our church's Vacation Bible School. As always, they had a fun time. And as always, Carli, got carried around by one of the highschool girl helpers. Maybe because she's small and shy (only in public)? Carli sure knew how to work it. Oh that girl!She wanted to take her own notebook and pen because she says that's what her teacher has.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Austin!


I am in complete denial that my first born baby is 15 today!? You know, some birthdays just hit you (a mom) harder than others and well, this one, is hitting me pretty hard! 15! 15! Oh where has the time gone? I feel like I just posted his 14th birthday on here. Last night he said he wanted to go to bed early because, "I want to be perfect for the big day tomorrow!" and then he said," I just can't believe it's tomorrow!" "Neither can we big man! It came way too fast!"
This child made us parents, a job we truly treasure!

Austin, we love you very much and are so proud of you! What a blessing you are to this family!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


We want to wish you a VERY VERY VERY
You are the BEST BEST BEST Dad in the world!(Hey, this picture looks a little like this one-ha!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Let's go to the movies...

Saturday, we took the kids to the movies... Such a cute movie. We all enjoyed it, and yep, there were a few little times I teared up!
These were the best pictures I could get of the kids! They just weren't havin' it. Oh well.
Sunday after church we went to my friend's daughter's highchool graduation party. And in true Rose fashion, she had it decorated too cute! She is always about the details- the tiniest of details. No school colors here, nope. Zebra print and green...everything! Even the cake. There was an awesome slide show playing of Rachael. The food was oh so good. I wish I had brought my camera. I did though take a picture of the party favor. She MADE this little box (every part of it is paper) and you can see Carli's hand about to grab it because it had green, black, and white M&M's inside. It was a fun time/fun weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


This morning, after I drop off Tyler and Carli at Vacation Bible School, Anthony and I will take Austin to have an EEG. This is not an emergency, in fact, he has an EEG every year-two years (his first one was when he was 5 yrs. old). This time, however, he will be checking into the hospital for a 23 HOUR EEG (and he will be video monitored)! We are very curious to see how his brain is throughout the day and at night (especially night) with this new medication he is on. He's been doing fairly well on the new medication-in fact he's had just one bad day with seizures since he started it about 3 weeks ago; quite a change! We've even done some things differently to his diet (more on that later). For the EEG, it will take them about 45min-an hour to hook him up, then I will head back to pick up Tyler and Carli. Anthony will be staying with Austin the whole time. The little ones and I will go back up there to hang around for a little while. He will be finished tomorrow at 11am and then I will go pick them up. We will have a follow-up with his neurologist when they get the results back. This early in the morning I can't remember when that is? I'll post tomorrow or the next day on how it went.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hawaiian visit

My little brother Chad, his wife Kayce, and their little girl Amy, are stationed in Hawaii. While Chad's away in Afghanistan, Amy and Kayce came to Texas to visit all of their family. We had them over at our house for a few days.
There was playing in the water, grilling burgers, little girl cousins playing, sisters in law staying up late chatting, and a trip to Bryan to see Mimi (the kids' great grandmother), Aunt Dee (my mom's big sister) and Uncle Bob (Dee's husband).
Carli was crying in that pic because Amy was sitting in her lap! Ha!Aunt Dee and Carli playing puppies.Mimi and Amy.We had a great time! We already miss them! Hopefully, our next visit will be with Chad too!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last day of school '09!

June 4th was the boys' last day of school. They had a great school year. There were some struggles with Austin's seizures and Tyler was in a bit of shock at the beginning of the year (it was his first year of MIDDLE school). But they had a fun, successful year with great teachers and friends! They really enjoy going to school!

Above are the boys on their first (on the left) and their last (on the right) day of school!