Sunday, October 12, 2014


Just because. A couple of pics of Anthony!


Hangin' out with her best friend...
Drivin' around and stoppin' for some ice cream!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Tyler...this boy is really lovin' his junior year in high school!
I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this picture!
Tyler and his friends. 
Dressed up as spider-man.
In Wal-mart.
At midnight!
Doesn't surprise me at all!
 The choir has a "welcoming party"
They are divided into teams and do all types of crazy, messy games.
Survivor kind of.
This year's theme was, "The Walking Dead"
They really had a fantastic time!!


Austin's class went on a field trip to Space Center.
With his class, teachers, aides, and peer buddies, it makes a total of 32 in their group.
Space Center is not cheap. We were able to get very discounted tickets, but THEN a couple got all 32 tickets donated! 
They had so much fun! 
Austin talked so much about it!
 Austin brought home this letter.
We are proud!
CBVI- is Community Based Vocational Instruction.
Since he has already graduated, he does all 7 class periods of CBVI.
Basically, it's job training. 
He folds clothes and other household chores.
He has many jobs around the school too.
He works in the school spirit store, cafe', cafeteria, print shop. He's everywhere!
My friend, works at the high school and her and her son see Austin every single.
He always stops to say HI to them!


It was dress code release at Carli's school for National Hispanic Cultural Day.
Of course this lil' girl had to dress up, she is half hispanic after all.
it's funny, she always tells us that she "likes being a Mexican",
But she will also say, "why am I Mexican but not from Mexico? Why am I from Bryan but born in Houston?"
We tried to explain to her the Mexico part and I think she may get it.
The Bryan and Houston part...
We tell her that she is not from Bryan, She was born in Houston. We (Anthony, myself, and the boys) were all born in Bryan,

Watch D.O.G.S

Watch D.O.G.S is a fantastic program that we, the PTA, have brought to our school. 
It's founded by
Our school has had it for 8 years. 
Anthony was one of the first to join and Tyler was 9!
This year, Anthony is the chairman, AKA, "Top Dog".
We had a Spirit Night at Buffalo Wild Wings to raise money for the program. 
Our mascot showed up.
All Watch D.O.G.S that were there got a free bottle of wing sauce!
I had to get one of him and Tyler!
 There was also a Watch D.O.G.S Kick-Off .
Dads came to hear about the program, order their shirts, and sign up for days to volunteer at the school. Oh, and to have have free pizza!
 Carli and her bestie at the kick-off!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tyler's Choir Concert

This was the PHS Preview Concert. 
Two weeks after the kids have been in school, the choirs each perform one song 
so that parents can hear them and
 it also serves as one big meeting.
This year, Tyler's junior year, he is in Chamber Choir (It's like a varsity choir)
The last song is The Lord's Prayer.
They sing it at the end of every performance.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday Night Fun!

Kristina and her family came over for dinner...and a "show"!
Austin and her were so cute!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Saturday morning, this little girl (and her bunny Lily) were excited to go on a date with her daddy!
Before they left on their Daddy-Daughter Date, they took a selfie!
She wanted to go to Baybrook Mall, to Build-a-bear, and eat ice cream.
She took Lily into Build-a-bear so that she could get re-fluffed and re-sewn (she's had her a while).
She also walked out with a new addtion!
She told Anthony after she got it, 
"YES! My plan worked! I knew if I brought you in here, you would tell me I could get a new one!"
She sure knows her daddy!
And Lord help us! HA!
They came home several hours later and Anthony said he had the best time out with his baby girl!
Later that evening, it was time for a Daddy-Mommy Date!
Tyler stayed home and watched Austin and Carli.
Anthony and I went to run a couple of errands and then out to eat dinner.
It was such a nice time!

Monday, August 25, 2014


Austin is 20.
He graduated in June.
Because he is in Special Education, he gets to stay in school until he's 22.
He went back to high school today but in the coming months will go to the district's transition center.
Tyler is 16.
A JUNIOR in high school. 
He passed on riding the school bus 
and rode with his senior friend to go grab a Starbucks on the way to school.
UnREAL to me that we're at this stage already!
Carli is 8.
Third grade!
She was a little nervous this morning.

She took two apples this year because she has two teachers.
Anthony and I had our 15th annual Back To School Breakfast Date!
We did not get to go anywhere.
I went and picked up breakfast tacos while he went to pick up Austin.
At 7:30 his teacher called us.
He was at school for thirty minutes and had a seizure.

Friday, August 22, 2014

New glasses, meet the teacher and a sweet treat!

Carli has great vision, but a astigmatism in her left eye that needs to be corrected.
She only needs to wear them when concentrating, but she's been wearing them all the time!
They're purple and she loves them!
 She dropped off her school supplies and met her two teachers this morning.
In third grade, you get two teachers!

 And to end our summer, this evening she had a snow cone!

Ladies who lunch

Carli and her friends met for lunch at our local tea room.
 It's a precious little old house.
The owner brought the girls pink lemonade in pink and gold porcelain tea cups and saucers. She even brought the tea pot filled with pink lemonade to leave on the table and taught them how to serve it.
She then gave booster seats for their stuffed animals and gave the stuffed animals their own tea set (it was plastic).


Us mommies had spiced tea in cups that were over 100 years old!
All of our food and tea was delicious!
A very sweet place to take Carli on just us girl days!


Tyler and some friends went to a comic con in Houston.
He was thrilled to have met up with the Green Ranger from Power Rangers!
He was called out to do the ALS ice bucket challenge.
This is not a video.
It's just a picture of it.
The actual video is on Instagram.
He had a few patches from last year that he earned, so I just got those back from getting put on.
It's really filling up!