Friday, January 25, 2013

That's a wrap!

This musical did many things:
It brought back fun memories of Anthony and I in high school,
when Anthony performed as a sailor in South Pacific.
Made me happy because it's one of my favorite musicals.
It made us burst with pride for Tyler!
He auditioned! That surpised us!
150+ choir members auditioned.
75 chosen.
1 freshman..TYLER! WOA!
His hard work and dedication to his musical performance and his grades, awesome!
After his debut, we gave him this candy bouquet that I made.
Some of his cast mates below, after the show.

 The cast, crew, directors, and orchestra did phenomenal!
Every one's hard work definitely showed!
Their talent is unbelievable as well as their professionalism!
I have a lot more cast pictures to show at another time. Oh they all looked amazing!
 The 1940's styles are just so neat to me!
I didn't get to get many pictures of Tyler with friends that came to see him. Just the one above.
 I was backstage for the performances.
I really wished I would've gotten a picture of our friends who came opening night. They have triplets, in Carli's class. I was too pre-occupied to take any before. And it was so late (after 10PM on a school night) when it was over, that they were asleep and their parents had to carry them out.
Sunday night, after the last performance, we had a cast party. By the time we got there, it was 11PM. The party was over at almost 2AM. Thankfully there was no school the next day!
Tyler loved every bit of this!
He's definitely found his nitch in high school.
That whole group of kids are really a tight nit family. They've all taken Tyler under their wing.
They've taught him so much and they've become great friends!
I'm pretty sure he's going to be sad with a lot of them graduate this year.


The show ran for four nights.
 One of those days there was also a matinee and the day before opening night,
was a preview performance.
Before every show, we fed the whole cast and crew.
The whole Commons area of the high school was decorated tropical.
There was also this:
 His name in lights!
 Oh my gosh, he melts my heart!
 The program!
 Each student was required to get ads for the program...of course that was easy!
 Tyler played the part of a bi-racial (French and Polynesian), eight year old boy, in the 1940's.
That's why he sings and speaks in French.
 His other costume was pajamas!
Tyler and the girl who plays his sister.
The video below is just a snip it of one of his scenes, he has a few.
I took the video during a dress rehearsal.
It was taken with my cell, so it's not very good.
We'll be getting the DVD of the musical soon, so watch party over here!


From November until January 15th, Tyler practiced Monday-Thursday.
From after school until 7PM or as late as 9PM.
Friday's it was until sometimes 11PM.
Then, all day on Saturdays.
Even during Christmas break!
Anthony and I also had preparations as well. Lots.
Anthony helped with the set.
I helped with costumes and meals.
These pictures below are all taken during rehearsals.

 I also worked back stage during all (except one)of the performances.
This was my view.
 Of course preparations also meant advertising.
So there were flyers to pass out/put up.
 Car magnets.
And all of the casts' moms, wore our bling shirts!
It was so much hard, long work for everyone involved, but oh so worth it!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Special guests

How awesome is it that Tyler's God mother, God brother, and God sister
 came two hours to show their love and support for Tyler!
They even brought him movie gift cards.
I knew they were coming,
but Tyler had NO idea!
There were some tears for sure!

We're ALIVE!

After many wondering where we were, how we were, and why haven't I blogged in almost a month....
I will do a quick post to show you that we are alive and well!
See, Ant and me!
(Yes, that is Tyler on the very top!)
We've been MIA because we have been knee deep in musical preparation and performances.
Since October, it has been non-stop, everyday, long days/nights of rehearsing for Tyler.
And since Thanksgiving break, it's been about the same for Anthony and myself with musical preparations.
January 17th-20th, was the run of the show and those days/nights were also long and crazy!
We wouldn't have changed it for the world!
I have a million pictures to post and will do that probably later this week.
Just wanted to pop in so no one has to wonder!