Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to school date

For 14 years (we may have missed one or two), on the first day of school, Anthony and I go have a "Back to school breakfast date" after we drop off the kids.
Some years, we had a little one with us; Tyler, then Carli, but the past couple of years, it's just been us and it's so sweet! You gotta get a date in where you can!
We ALWAYS go to Shipley's, except last year we did Starbuck's.
Well, we decided back to our Shipley's!
It was a great start the school year!


PHS OILERS, the Ramirez brothers are back!
Catching busses at 6:30 am is a little hard!
Austin was ready to get back to riding the bus and seeing his teachers and friends in Life Skills.

 Tyler, Mr. Sophomore, was a little ready.
 The excitement was probably because he was sportin' his letterman jacket!
Little Miss. Second Grade...
Yep, she was!
Especially since her teacher this year, was Tyler's teacher when he went to school there!

And it seems to always rain on the first day of school! ICK!
But we live super close, so walking was a must.
 I didn't want to go into her room, but I did stick my head in and grab a little picture of her at her desk!
I'm so ready to hear all about their first day!


Just some pics I had on my cell.
My shirt
Our cafeteria
our bulletin board in the hallway.
Our elementary school's theme this year is
"One team. One dream"
So, sports. Which is cool because you can do so much with it.
Our PTA's theme(s) is
"Step up to the plate and join PTA"
"Be your child's biggest fan!"
PTA 2nd VP is a lot of work, especially when we have a vacant spot for a president,
but it's so FUN and rewarding!

Carli FUN

Carli's last hoorah before school started...
a friend's birthday party.
 She had a blast and I had a hard time getting her off of that water slide!
 And, just because...
I love her creativity!
This is her dog Charlie, that she made by laying coins on the floor!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sassy Girl

Carli had a super fun time at Sweet and Sasssy!

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Summer 2013 has been full of fun with company!
Pictured with Tyler, at the Houston zoo, our cousins.
They spent two weeks with us while Julia's husband (my mother in law's first cousin) undergoes treatment at MD Anderson.
These cousins weren't close with us. They lived out of town and we have never been around them really. Well, you would've never known that when they were her! We immediately all hit it off, growing very close!
We had many laughs, movie nights, games of Jenga, guitar playing, lots of cooking/eating, very late nights...just a whole lot of fun/togetherness!
We were so sad and BORED without them when they left last week!

Then, the day they left, we had MORE company!
Antony's life long friends (They're brothers).
They were on their way to go on a cruise, so they stayed with us one night.
 These three guys have a total of  9 kids!
Shown are just 6 of them.
It was so great seeing them!
That was a super fun night!
So, you can see that Casa Ramirez is always open!
Come on and stay with us!

Workin' boy!

No, I did not take this picture of Tyler working! He'd fall over with embarrassment!
My friend did though.
She sent it to me along with a text saying. "Raising him right! Good job momma!"
he waits on her every time she goes and she always tells me how well mannered and sweet he is!


Tyler will be starting his SOPHOMORE year with is LETTERMAN JACKET!
He lettered in choir last year. We still have two more patches to put on it (UIL and South Pacific).
It's not common for a freshman in high school to letter,
so you can see where we are extremely proud of him!
 He put "T-Rob" on the back, because he's Tyler Robert and we've (mainly Dad) always called him, "T-Rob"
He and his friend Courtney got their's at the same time!
It made it even more special!

 We got home at the same time Dad did and he didn't know we were coming home with it.
We were both a little teary-eyed!
Our hearts swelled!
I think we were a little taken back by how much!