Sunday, September 20, 2015


 Open house at Carli's school
 Sleep over with her BFF!

 School picture day
Choir car wash
 A comparison of Tyler and Carli both in the 4th grade.
They really do look alike!

Friday Night Lights

Tyler had a few new patches added to his jacket!
Proud of his accomplishments!
 Friday night football is HUGE here!
We were especially excited for this season because the honor choir that Tyler is on, sings the National Anthem at every home game!
 We all have shirts. Each a little different.
Carli's says, "Oh say can you see...that's my brother singing the National Anthem"
 It's so much FUN!
 The kids getting ready to go out on the field!

I have better video of their singing coming up.


This is a HUGE year for us!

 Austin will have his last year of school ever!
He is allowed to stay in the school system until he turns 22. He'll be 22 in June.
 Tyler will graduate this year!
 Carli is in 4th grade, so that means it's her last year in elementary school!
 Five years of apples for the teacher on the first day of school This will be the last year for that as well.
Anthony and I have had a back to school breakfast date for the past 16 years. Some of those had a child in tow. But for the last five years, we've been by our self. This will be the last year for just us. Next year, Austin will be with us.
on the first day of school, I also attened a "Freedom Lunch!" All of us moms got together for lunch.
 Teachers started a week before the kids, so we, the PTO, gave the teachers at Carli's school a breakfast.

Good Byes and Hellos!

We said good bye to our sweet friends that we've known and grown close to for four years!
They moved out of town.
 We said hello to a early morning surprise from our uncles!

Carli meets her teachers

Meet the teacher and drop off your school supplies