Sunday, June 30, 2013


I have an ENORMOUS amount of pictures from this day!
 I'm going to have to divide them up into several posts.
 Not sure if they'll be in any particular order?
I'll try my best.
We waited for this day all month!
We had heard about Sailing Angles through Tyler's friend, who has a mentally disabled little sister.
They're a non-profit foundation.
They're out of Kemah, TX
Very generous yacht owners take mentally disabled persons and their families out for a day of sailing.
We headed about 40 minutes to Kemah.
We arrived at 9am.
We had NO idea what to expect!
I was secretly nervous about the 100+ degree weather.
We had so much excitement when we pulled up to the docks!
The hundreds of boats lined up were so neat!
Our boat was named, "Moon Eye".
She was so pretty and BIG!
We got all settled in, even learning how to tie different knots in ropes!
We soon were ready to take off for the day!
The houses along the bay were breathtaking! Very unreal!
Very neat to see our favorite Kemah Boardwalk from the bay side! 
We passed under highway 146.
Passing boats of all kinds!
Lots of shrimp boats, racing boats, sail boats,
large 70ft. yachts, and tug boats.
 It took us about 45 mins. to get out to the middle. Actually, the ship channel was right near us at that point. We could see the barges that carried the tankers.
We saw fish flying out of the water! LOTS! We were told it was because there were larger fish underneath trying to get them!
 We saw PELICANS and sea gulls! We loved watching them dive down into the water to get fish!
We saw a lots of ball shaped things above the water surface. Those were markers to let the fisherman know where their crab traps are.
And the kids kept asking if we would see dolphins...
and WE DID!
They were quick, so I couldn't get a pic of them.
They were following us.
We were told that they like boats. They're very intrigued by them.
They were awesome!
We were THRILLED!!!!
Another post coming up.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Carli went to the zoo the other day with her friends.
She was so excited!
She picked out her outfit and laid out absolutely everything for the next morning, even down to her sunscreen! She also packed her own lunch for when they had their picnic at the zoo.

 The picture above and below are sculptures made from LEGOS!

The girl loves a petting zoo!

She had so much FUN!
And I thank Samantha for sending me all of these sweet pictures! It made me feel like I was there!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Austin's 19th Birthday!

The day was ALL HIS!
He made the plans on how we would celebrate.
He wanted to eat lunch at Chuck E. Cheese.
We did and all had lots of fun!
He wanted to go to TWO movies.
One on Saturday and the other on Sunday.
First, Monsters University.
So, we went to take Tyler to work and then the rest of us went to the movies.
Well, it was sold out!
So, he decided to go ahead and watch the movie he picked to watch second.
Superman, 3D!
Carli and I decided to pass and let just Dad and Austin go.
She and I went to have ice cream at Chick-fil-A.
We picked the guys up and went home for birthday cake!
As soon as he finished eating his slice of birthday cake, still sitting at the table, he had a seizure.
Not a good way to end your birthday celebration.
But, he had such a FUN DAY!
He referred to himself as, "The Birthday Boy" all day long!
Even saying things like, "could you open the door for the birthday boy?" and, "The birthday boy would like some more pizza!"
Oh that kid!
(I have NO pictures of Tyler, Anthony, or me! Not sure why?)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Austin!

This sweet baby boy is turning 19 today!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Precious Playdate

Olivia and Julia came over this morning to play.
The girls brought donuts.
It's a long as I can remember, when they come over, they bring donuts!
They always play so well and have a fun time!
In fact, they had so much fun, that when it was time for the girls to go home,
Carli went home with them for the rest of the afternoon!

Carli and Olivia have known each other a LONG time!
They went to Mother's Day Out together.
Look at their very first play date together!
 They each had just turned three!
Now Carli is 7, Olivia is about to turn 7!
Precious girls!