Friday, January 30, 2009

25 RANDOM things!

This "25 Random things" list has been going around Facebook like crazy and I've been tagged with it several times, so I thought I'd do it here.

1. I go by my middle name. Not sure why? (Amy Michelle. My grandmother's middle name-Amy, My mom's middle name-Michelle)
2. I was 10 lbs. when I was born.
3. I had blonde hair from about age 1 until 4th grade. The older I get, the darker it gets and now there's the whole gray hair kickin'!
4. Claire Borman Bloching has been my best friend since she was around 5 and I was around 3.
5. I played with my Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids until 5th or 6th grade.
6. I can not blow up balloons.
7. I'm not good in Math. Thankfully my husband is a banker.
8. I am legally blind.
9. I like to sleep with my socks on.
10. I don't like to wear shoes.
11. I don't like to eat breakfast.
12. But I do love breakfast foods.
13. I don't like fruit.
14. I have post it notes in my car, in the kitchen, bathroom-everywhere, with "to do's" and reminders on them.
15. My two favorite colors are red and pink.
16. I'm not a good driver.
17. I don't like to drive. (see #16)
18. I'm a blog stalker.
19. I like to watch The real housewives of Orange County
20. I wish I was a crafty person.
21. I was in the Houston Aramco Half Marathon in 2008.
22. My favorite job (aside from now) was when I worked in a Pharmacy.
23. I use to collect Angels (They remind me of my mom being an angel in heaven). I've had to stop because I had so many.
24. I've never had braces
25. I have broken my tail bone (on the steps of Allen Academy when I was in 7th grade) and my elbow (forgot my age but it was when I was skating at Pooh's Park).

And there you have it. I tried to put really random things you might not know. Not the obvious stuff like I have an amazing husband, wonderful children, etc. Which of course are all true!

Now it's your turn!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Doctor visit for Carli

Runny nose? Yes, but clear.
Cough? Yes, a little during the day. Some at night.
Fever? All day Friday. Saturday no, Sunday night-yes, Monday night-yes, Tuesday morning at doctor's office, YES! 101.2!
She gets checked out by the doctor:
Ears? Fine.
Throat? Fine.
Lungs? Fine.
Chest? Fine.
Her cold is starting to move down, but it is not the source of her fever. From her heart rate and fever pattern, it says that she has an infection. The cause of the infection?
This may be too much information? Sorry! Stop here then!
Constipation! Since Carli has become potty trained, her #2's have not been as frequent as before and here lately, she has had more issues and has decided that it hurts to "go", so she doesn't go! It's been quite frustrating for us and she's been MISERABLE! Totally not her self! Soooo..LONG doctor's visit - story short, she has an antibiotic to take for ten days. Then, we will work on her going poop with another medicine. Wish us luck!
These are some pictures from my cell phone that I took while waiting on our doctor. The view from our room...the hospital that Carli was born in. She enjoyed seeing the helicopter land on top!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A day of laughs!

It's a good thing that Saturday was a day of laughs, because Friday, was far from it! I had all three kids home from school SICK! I was definately looking forward to Saturday, when I would attended a Pre-school Teachers' Conference with all of my co-workers, on the North side of Houston. I've been a few times before, but this time was a lot of fun! We started off the morning with registration, breakfast, and then praise and worship (all by 9am!). Our Keynote Speaker was Debra Duncan. She talked about different teachers throughout her life who had influenced her in one way or the other. She was very intersesting and quite a funny gal! Of course I was late to my first workshop (by just a couple of minutes, I promise) because I wanted to get my picture with her. After two workshops, we then had lunch. It was pretty good. but what was really good was the laughs! The girls at my table were H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! Oh gosh! They are girls I work with, however, we really don't get to spend "hanging out" time with each other since we're teaching all day. After lunch, we did some shopping. They had different vendors there. I bought a bag-really cute. Actually, we ALL bought bags. I forgot to add a picture on here of mine and it's too late now, because if I did, my pictures would be all out of order. Oh well, next time. We had one last workshop and then we had our Footnote Speaker. Bob Smiley. He put on a show for about an hour and let me tell you, we were R-O-L-L-I-N-G with laughter! (Pause my music so you can then play the video.) I look forward to next time. And yes, I actually did learn some things in my workshops!

OH-and my kids are fine now. Carli seems a little grumpy and still has a cough .

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


MLK day = day off for Anthony and the boys. We decided that we would take advantage of this and get out of the house and have some togetherness! This usually consists of eating, shopping, and eating some more. First, there was an early morning stop to pig out at Shipley's. Mmmm...GOOD! Next, we cruised the mall. The boys had brought back money from Bryan and they wanted to spend it. We also ate lunch at the mall, which is their favorite thing to do. We stayed at the mall most of the day and then headed back home.It was a nice day!Austin and his Legos...what else, but Sponge Bob!
Tyler got a cap. Carli got two pairs of flip flops. Yes, I'm aware that it's January. Oh, and like the markers all on her legs? she had a repeat of the marker incident. UGH!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Remember, I do not get political on my blog. I just want to document this day in history. No matter who you voted for or what your views are, this is a historic day in our lives. We have a new President. We live in an amazing country! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Every four years, when it's Inauguration Day, I love to sit in front of the tv and watch all of the festivities. It's all so interesting! I love hearing all the different facts and traditions. I actually missed the swearing in of President Obama, and I missed half of his speech because I just HAD to go to Dillard's and get my free Lancome mascara! The line wasn't too bad and it went quickly. Once I realized that you could only get one product, I then did what every other lady in line did...went to Macy' get another one! The line there was crazy! But hey, it was FREE! So, to go along with Joni's birthday gift, she got my other mascara!
Now I just hope this free mascara was worth me getting myself (who is fighting a cold) and Carli dressed and missing the swearing in of our new president!


My dear sweet friend, JONI is celebrating her 33rd birthday today!
Joni, I love you and I hope you have a WONDERFUL, BLESSED DAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Girls' weekend

Saturday afternoon Anthony and the boys traveled to Bryan, while Carli and I stayed behind. They needed some guy time (especially since Austin had spent the previous day having seizures) and we needed some girl time! Carli was upset that they had left her. She said, "Where my guys go?" . Once I mentioned that we would have lots of fun; just us girls, then she was fine! While she took her nap, I took advantage of her being out of the way and the guys out of the house and CLEANED! After she woke up, we played and before we knew it, it was time for dinner, which I let Carli decide on. It was WAFFLES! We then had our baths and put on our "jammas".
Next, it was time for manicures and pedicures. I originally was only going to do her toenails, but then she showed me that she could sit still and do her fingernails too. She's in love with her "red toes! PINK fingers!"
After the polish dried, we snuggle in my bed and watched Cinderella. Of course when it was over, she just went ahead and slept with me.
This morning, when we woke up, she saw her clothes laid out for church and said," Oh, we goin' Bryan! See my guys! YAY!" She wasn't sad for too long when I told her that we weren't going to Bryan, but instead we were going to church. She loves to go to church and play "Sonic and tator tots" with Bradley. After church, we headed to the Ramirez girls' favorite fast food place...Sonic! Then, it was time for us to take a nap and then head to the grocery store. Of course she had to get a toy...
Another My Little Pony with a DVD about the ponies. Tonight, Anthony and the boys came home! Man, we sure did miss them!
Since the boys have been home, they have talked my ear off about their trip to Bryan. They really had a good time and Mimi and Grandma both said that they didn't want to come home.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I wonder sometimes...

Now this is not a bashing or making fun of post about Anthony, this is just me stating the facts. All I said was, "I wonder sometimes?" ;)
Remember last week, Anthony had left his car unlocked, with his cell phone inside, in our driveway overnight and his cell phone got stolen? Lesson learned! He has been learning to LOCK HIS DOORS! Okay, now yesterday (WEDNESDAY) he was coming home from work and stopped to check the mail. The mailboxes are at the end of our street. His mailbox key is not on his car key ring. It just stays in his car. So, he gets out of his car, the car is running (do you see where this is going?) and he shuts the door. Well what do ya know...the car LOCKED! Let's just fast forward to over an hour, maybe closer to two...his car sat locked, keys inside it, RUNNING, while Anthony waited on the locksmith to come. You might wonder where the spare key was? Hmm, ME TOO!! And all I can say is, $149.00! YEP!
Now this morning, ANOTHER Anthony story. Man, we should name this "Anthony's Blog" with all these posts I'm doing about him! Anyway, he goes out to his car this morning to leave for work. He sets his binder on top of the car while he gets the frost off the window. You guessed it, he left it on top and drove to work! Thankfully the only thing in his binder were fliers and brochures advertising his bank. Later this morning as I was leaving the neighborhood, I saw in the ditch, ALL of the fliers and brochures along with his binder! Being the good wife I am, I got the binder for him. Although it's quite dirty and beaten up. And for those of you who know Anthony, you know that none of these incidents bothered him. He just shrugged it off. In fact, he laughed about the binder. Oh that husband of mine.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


What a SPECIAL day it is! There are two of my family members with birthdays!
My lil' cupcake neice, AMY is the BIG ONE! With all babies, that first year just goes incredibly fast! To think, she looked like this one year ago ... and now, she looks like this...
She's quite spunky and she's always got a smile! What a sweet sweet girl!
Miss Amy, we love you so very much! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!
And NOW, the other person celebrating their birthday...My UNCLE ROBERT!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you have a terrific, relaxing day! You desserve it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lock your doors

What a strange night we had, well, really early morning hours! It was 4am.
I woke up to Carli crying (she was fine, just crying in her sleep). When I came back to my room, I looked to see what time it was. My alarm clock was off, in fact, everything in just my room was off. So, I walked into the bathroom where my cell phone was, to check the time. When I opened it, I saw that I had a text message from Anthony that was sent at 1:47am...HUH? So I looked at Anthony asleep in our bed, then looked at the NAUGHTY MESSAGE! I hurried and woke him up and asked him if he sent this to me, knowing he wouldn't send me that, but still I asked. After searching the house for his cell phone, trying to call it (it was dead or turned off), He realized that it was in his car. He went out to his car, NO CELL PHONE! Everything else was in his car. He had left his cell phone in his car, with the DOORS UNLOCKED! So, then the next thing we think about is, if whoever stole his cell phone, text me the naughty message, then WHO ALL ELSE IN ANTHONY'S NUMBERS DID HE SEND ONE TOO? OH NO! Well, so far we know that only me, one of his tellers, and his cousin got one. If you're reading this and you got a naughty message from Anthony's cellphone...IT WASN'T HIM! Surely anyone would know that! :) Thankfully he only had a few numbers stored in it. So, we cancelled his phone and we go shopping for new ones tomorrow. We'll also be finding out from our provider what numbers were called from his phone. Yes, Anthony has learned his lesson, LOCK YOUR DOORS! DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR CAR!
Even though he did leave the car unlocked, it still doesn't give anyone the right to go inside it and steal! It's scary to know that it was right in our driveway, by our front door! Very upsetting!Remember on Halloween Eve, someone also stole our carved pumpkins! UGH!!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A day with six kids (BIG POST)

Sunday night, Joni brought the kids over to spend the night and stay the next day while her mother was having her surgery. I didn't get any pictures of Austin (he was all to himself in his room) or Annsley (she would NOT let me take her picture!). Ryan Tyler
Yes, they're eating lunch and they're still in their pjs! That's how we roll at our house!
Joni, Bradley had more on his plate, but he had eaten it all.
And how cute are two year olds singing?! I posted this video on here even though it's completely dark, but you NEED to hear Bradley, Carli, and Anthony singing! Scroll down to pause my music.

Well, we tried to get them into the light, so we could re-do their song....only Carli was interested, but soon stopped after she saw Bradley walk away.

Bradley then decided he would sing. He was doin' good, but then got distracted.

Once the singing was over, they noticed Tyler walking through the livingroom with a light saber. It was like a switch went off in the both of them and BAM! WWIII broke out! They HAD to have that light saber!

More insanity...

All calmed down!

Like night and day, huh?

A day with six kids.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Forgot to say...

I hope that 2009 brings you great health, happiness, and many blessings!
Remember, Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things! Each day is a gift!
Oh, our New Year's Eve went like this: Tyler at a friend's house (still is actually), Austin and Carli asleep, Anthony and I fell asleep on the couch, but then woke up around 11ish and waited until midnight to countdown to the New Year, then fell back asleep! New Year's day, we cleaned house! What FUN!
(New post coming tomorrow)