Friday, August 31, 2012

For Daddy

Dad looks at our blog everyday, so I thought I would post pictures of his babies here instead of sending them to his cell phone.
We sure miss him during the week and CAN NOT wait for Friday nights (sometimes Saturday afternoons if he has to be at the bank on a Saturday morning)!
So dad, here ya go...
 Austin was very proud of himself for his Math he did!
You know he loves Math.
 Look at small and nice he wrote his name.
 Your little girl...oh there are no words...
 What's with the posing? Good Lord how old is she?!
You know this is the typical Tyler view we get.
What a teenager!
We love you dad and are ready for you to get home!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Being a CUB!

Carli wasn't so thrilled to be a Cub.
 Even though her brothers both went to that school when they were little, the mascot is a cute lil' cub, the school colors were PURPLE, mommy's friends worked there, the boys' teachers were still there, and BRADY was going there too. She just kept saying she wanted to go to her old school.
Things started looking up little by little when 
 we bought her matching messenger bag and lunch box,
 started buying school uniforms,
 got her cub bow from Mrs.Rose and
 and necklace too.
 Then there was Meet the Teacher night where she picked out her school shirt and hoodie.
 She took her Favorite Things questionnaire ( link )for her teacher to fill out
 and I sent a little gift to the teacher as well.
 She met her teacher and we really like her. Everyone says will we LOVE her
and we got lucky to get her.
 Carli then wanted to meet the PE coaches, Music teacher, Librarian, the cafeteria staff, meet the boys's previous teachers,
 and see where mommy's friends' classes were (ya know, in case she needed anything)
We were there so long, but after that...she liked the idea of going there and was very ready to start. 
 She couldn't wait to take her new teacher an apple for the first day of school!
 and REALLY REALLY couldn't wait for the SECOND day of school, when we would start walking to school with BRADY! YES, THAT BRAAADY!

Three days later and she loves her new school!
She loves her teacher!
She talks non-stop about her day, including things about her "best friends"!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


and I'm officially OLD (and tired)! We were all excited for this school year to start! SO many new beginnings.

My boys...oh my boys...young men. They are both in high school!
Austin, my sophmore and Tyler my freshman!! Talk about unbelievable!
Austin's Life Skills class is in one of the hallways that Tyler has a class on and they see each other at lunch. This makes me pretty happy! One thing that is going to take a WHILE to get use to is the time that high school starts here. Ready, sit down...7:15 AM (that's the tardy bell)! You heard me right! They're on their busses before 6:50 AM. They're home in time for me to get Carli! It's strange!

Carli started FIRST GRADE! We're all giddy that she goes to the same school that the boys did! I'm also happy that there's lots of people their that we know. Comforting. Another fun fact, she walks to and from school! We're extremely close to her school!

 The ONLY reason why I posted a picture of myself is because when I took it, it had ANTHONY in it! When I uploaded it just now...NO ANTHONY! AWE :(
Once the kids were off to school, we went on our 13th ANNUAL BREAKFAST DATE! That's always exciting, especially now, since he's gone during the week and he took the day off to stay in town for their first day of school. Wow, we've been sending kids off to school for 13 years! Austin is now 18, Tyler 14, Carli 6!!!

And since the boys get home before Carli, they walked with us to pick her up!
I believe this will be a fantastic year!
I blinked! I totally blinked! People told me not too, and I DID!
My babies are growing up! Time is flying by!
More posts coming SOON! I wanted to hury and get this very important post up first!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's up?!

I've never gone this long without posting on my sweet blog.
Although we been pretty busy, I just don't have many pictures/posts.
But, since my kiddos' Godmother told yesterday to update my goes.

We moved back in our home. Ahhh, home sweet home!!!

My house is completely put back together. Except my backyard furniture. It's still at Mimi's.We didn't have room in our storage unit, so we kept it there. Moving day came and we didn't even tell the movers to go pick it up. It'll get here someday. It's too hot too be outside anyway.

Our first day back, FOUR of Tyler's friends came over! What a suprise! They immediately went cruisin' around the neighborhood (and pretty much everyday).
We've loved getting re-aquainted with our town. Every where we go, we see old friends. Carli and I each have had friends over several times. I even got to have girls's night!

We however miss our daddy. He stayed behind to keep working there for a while. We DO see him on weekends and we all fight for his attention and we have lots of fun!
I've been running around crazy getting all three kids enrolled in school, buying school supplies and school clothes. I think I'm ready for school to start back?

Okay, pictures...
Ha, found this on my cell. Carli must have taken it. When we were staying at Mimi's, we raided my old room. Carli hit the jackpot with My Little Pony and Barbie clothes. I love how she dressed Repunzle with some of my old Barbie clothes, shoes, sweat band, and bag. Hello 80's!

 This was our dinner one night during the week. Anthony ordered it and had it delivered to us.
I thought that was sweet! Carli said, "you mean it came from Bryan?" hahaha.

Yah, momma's gotta have a little wine at night...three kids, by helps!
 I bought these cookies from my friend who is raising money. She'll be participating in Tour De Pink!You should click HERE to donate :)

Cane's. It's become our favorite lately.

See, not a lot of pics.
But ya got an update.
NEXT WEEK SCHOOL STARTS, so posts will return.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


The week before we moved, we went on our family vacation.
We decided to do something different.
We wanted relaxing.
We decided to go camping.
Camping, yes. The kind of camping that had air conditioned cabins.
It was perfect! Just what we wanted!
Swimming all day.
A dog park for Charlie.
Grilling for dinner.
Ice cream late night snack.
Eating at the Boat House Grill.
Staying up late.
Sleeping in.

 The next few picks are off of the website.

 The cottages fit us perfectly! It was a great resort!

We will for sure go back again!