Saturday, May 31, 2014

These two

These two...Carli and Austin.
No particular post.
Just posting cause they're cute!

Choir Banquet

Friday, the 30th, Tyler had his Choir Banquet.
It was at the Hilton Nasa in Clear Lake.
He originally asked a girl to go, but she had a mandatory softball practice for their tournament 
that next day.
We agreed that it wouldn't be fair if he asked another girl to go.
We knew he would have more fun if he went by himself anyway. 
We were right! He said he had a very good time and that it was lots of fun!
It turns out that the majority of the kids didn't bring a date this year.
He rode with a friend of his.

Last year he was voted Favorite Freshman Guy and this year he was voted 
Even greater, his very close friend Courtney was voted Favorite Sophomore Girl!
Can you see why they're the favorites?!
AND his friend that he rode with is a freshman and he got vote class fave.
So great!
He LOVES choir! 
It was a perfect night to end his school year!


Just me...
 eating lunch with Carli.
I eat with her on the days that I work there.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
 getting my hair braided by Carli.
She LOVES to braid and do different hairstyles on her Barbies too!
getting my hair cur and colored!
I'm amazed by how much gray I have!
I have no makeup on, but that's okay, 'cause it was hair day!


Thursday the 29th, we had our PTA changeover dinner.
We ate Mexican food while we chatted it up and gave out pins and a gift.
 Above, is the new PTA Executive Board for the 2014-2015 school year.
Everyone is new except me and one other person.
Below, is our present executive
Board members and some of our committee chair members. 
Not everyone could attend.
It was a fun evening. It always is when we're together!
I really enjoyed this school year serving as the 2nd Vice President and look forward to doing it again next school year! 
OH, we will have a new WATCH D.O.G.S CHAIR PERSON this upcoming year...
It'll be SO FUN with Anthony on our board!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sweet Treat!

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the school year.
I have a total of 21 kiddos that I work with. 
I've really enjoyed working with them!
Some of them will go on to middle school next year and some I may not need to work with next year.
I sure will miss them all!
I'm giving them each a sweet end of the year treat.
The tag reads, "For one smart cookie"
Then I wrote a little note on the back.
Next week is the last week of school for the kids.
Can't believe it's that time already!

Austin's phone call

The most precious telephone conversation...
Austin, 19 year old mentally disabled, speaks only English and 
Kristina, his "girlfriend", has Down Syndrome, and speaks mainly Spanish.
They actually understood each other.
She giggled some and we laughed a bit.
She wanted to know if he was doing okay (he had a seizure in class and I picked him up from school)
He asked her if she liked the movie (they went on a field trip to the movies that day).
She told him "I love you"
He said "I love you too"
She said "I love you more"

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Oh I'm sure Tyler will be upset with me for this post!
I just can't help myself! 
As I was uploading pictures from last night's concert, I
 was shocked at how how much Tyler has grown over this year and last year!
I HAD to do a comparison!
 Kaylee and Tyler: Top left hand corner is his first concert, his freshman year, Sept. '12
Then, Jan. '13, Sept. '14 and May '14.
 Joe and Tyler: Jan. '13 and May '14
 Courtney and Tyler: May '13 and May '14
Kristen and Tyler: Jan. '13 and May '14.
He's growing up right before my eyes!


It's hard to believe that POP Show was this weekend!
The last concert of the school year.
The last time that they Seniors will get to perform.
I didn't get too many pictures. 
It's hard when everyone is hugging and crying.
The show was of course, AMAZING! 
Tyler's choir performed a medley of Johnny Cash songs.

(They all like to pick up Tyler, bench press Tyler, or re-enact The Lion King with Tyler!)

Austin the artist!

It's no secret that Austin LOVES Sponge Bob Square Pants!
He will sit for hours everyday and draw him.
Sometimes he will put on a Sponge Bob movie and pause it on a certain scene, to draw it.
Sometimes, like in the picture below, he takes one of his Sponge Bob books and will copy that page.

Yes, we go through a lot of paper.
Yes, I could probably wall paper ever wall in my house with his drawings...
and I LOVE IT!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

What a jumpin' gift!

This gal is lovin' her new birthday present!

8th Birthday Party!

She changed her mind a couple of times about
 the theme, where to have it, and what to do, 
but what her final decision was, 
was perfect!
 They had a blast! 
My girl can throw a party!