Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our blog's...

WOW! ONE YEAR ago I started our lil' family blog! Boy, am I so glad I did! It's been great! And in honor of celebrating this big day, we want to give a gift to you!
You will have ONE week (ending Sunday, June 7th, midnight) to leave me a comment and then I will use Random Integer to pick the lucky winner!

Friday, May 29, 2009

17 years ago

May 29, 1992. I remember it like it was yesterday. I could write a novel just on this one day. It was the worst day of my life. The day that my mom , Carla, passed away. While all of my friends were still celebrating from graduating high school the night before, I was sitting at MD Anderson Hospital. My mom was loosing her seven years long long battle with Leukemia. I was mad and sad. She was 34 years old. Had lots of hard times in her life. Had three children; I was 18, Shawn was 13, and Chad was 11. She had found the love of her life just months before. Everyone loved her. If you ask anyone about her, they'll tell you that she was beautiful, sweet, funny, loved to cook, loved some country music (everytime I hear Patsy Cline or George Strait, I think of her)and dance...boy could she dance. A nickname given to her, "Queenie", that right there says a lot! :) I don't think a loved one's passing gets easier with time. For me, I just understand it a little more, but I still get sad. She is my mom and I miss her. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. As I've gotten older and have gotten a closer relationship with God, I just feel more calm. I know for a fact, that she is in heaven, healthy, dancing away, laughing, and wathcing all of us. There will be a day when she will meet her grandchildren, her son in law, and her two daughters in law. We will all get to see her again!"Remember me with smiles and laughter, for that is how I will remember you all. If you can only remember me with tears, then don't remember me at all." - Laura I. Wilder
This was written down on a piece of paper that was found in my mom's Bible.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Molly!

Today is one of my girlies' birthday...MOLLY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope you have an amazing birthday, filled with love and blessings! Love you! (1994-My baby shower: MOLLY, Gentri, Vicki, and Me)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Memorial Day weekend

Nothing exciting. I was sick all weekend. Just sinus stuff, so I just slept on and off all weekend. Anthony, Austin, and Carli just hung out. Tyler was gone Friday to a friend's house to stay over night and then on Saturday, he went to another friend's house to stay over night. Sunday evening I was feeling a little bit better, so we went to eat dinner outside at
Nothing gets in the way of Austin and his food...not even a busted inside lip and two loose teeth!
Tyler, so nice of him to join us! :) Carli showing me her love, um, I mean fries! Monday morning, I was feeling much better, so we headed out to get much needed storage bins for Carli's room and then went to lunch.
You can not even tell that anything ever happened to Austin one week ago. Quite remarkable! Thank you God for a quick healing!
My Tyler!Carli licking the cinnamon sugar off her hands from her sopapilla.
So, no big Memorial Day weekend, but the kids, Anthony, and I are good.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Tia Cuca!

What a wonderful, wonderful woman you are! We love you so much! Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIA CUCA!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I've always been thankful to our to our troops that are serving around the world, to protect us. Although, having a Grandfather that was in the Army, I still never really took it to heart. Now that I have a baby brother that is in the Army, and deployed to a war zone, I truly have a different outlook. The soldiers, our soldiers, decide on their own, that they want to enlist. They all know what the job entales, yet they do it anyway. Thank you to ALL the men and women who give up a lot and put their life on the line to protect us! We love you!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

On Friday, May 15th, at work, we had our Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. It was lovely! They had subs come in to watch our class so we could go to the small assembly room to have lunch! Let's just relish in this a moment: LUNCH, ALL BY YOURSELF! NO CHILDREN! Awww..anyway, you walk in to Italian music being played, a table set up with your tea. Another table for you to fix your Caesar salad. Then, there was this man: Check him out! Now let me tell you that his personallity is as funny as his outfit! He had the jokes; all food related, of course. We told him what we wanted in with our pasta, and what sauce we wanted, and he cooked it right then, complete with a big ol' bread stick on top. It was delicious! Absolutely delicious! The amount food was quite a bit. I didn't even finish it all, and I can throw back some food!
This was the table. We each got to take a plant home. And oh heavens...this was the dessert! CAKE BALLS! Talk about melt in your mouth! There were all different combos. One of mine was German chocolate and the other was marble.
Thank you to our PTO at MDO! They have done some nice things for us this year.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chad and Kayce

HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my baby brother, Chad and his wife Kayce! I love y'all! Chad return safely to us and you're in my prayers! Kayce, I'm so glad you and Amy are in Texas on vacation and I can't wait to spend time with two of my favorite girls!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Horrible Day!

Austin is doing MUCH better! He doesn't know when he has a seizure, so he doesn't know why his mouth, teeth and nose are hurt. We've asked him several times if he hurts and he says no. He had one more seizure Tuesday evening, so we kept him home today (Wed). He has had aa good day. Talking, laughing, eating and starting to play. THANK GOD! Tomorrow he will go to school.Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!Monday didn’t start off horrible. In fact, it was good! We made it on time to Austin’s annual pediatric neurologist appointment. Yes, it was three hours long, but we accomplished a lot: An appointment for a 24 hour EEG, a follow-up appointment to that, a brand new to the market medication for Austin to start on (she thinks it will help with his type of seizures since that’s what kind it’s geared toward), and even got lab work. Austin and Carli were good. We grabbed lunch and were on our way home with it, but Austin was very upset and begged for us to take him to school (wishing now we would have NOT sent him!). He ate in the car and at 12:30, I walked him into school. I talked with the teacher a bit, and then got in the car to take Anthony home so that he could get his car and go to work. It’s a blessing that his Junior High is right across the street from our neighborhood. As I was pulling into the driveway, 12:38, the school called and said that Austin had a seizure! So, I let Anthony and Carli out, so she could go in and have lunch. As I was walking down to the nurse’s office, I see lots of blood on the floor! It was from Austin! When he had his seizure, he was walking with his teacher down the hallway, stiffened up, fell to the floor seizing, and it happened to be right in front of the nurse’s office! I was sick at my stomach scared to see what I would find when I walked into the office. Thankfully, Austin didn’t hit his head. He did however hit face first. He had busted his top lip. The nurse was checking his vitals, examining him, applied ice, then later cleaned him, the teacher and the nurse changed his shirt,and then put him in the car. The ER was needed. I drove by and got Anthony and Carli. At the ER it was determined that he didn’t need stitches, his nose is bruised and swollen, he has two loose teeth, his cat scan is normal, and he had two seizures while we were there! We got home at 4:05 and Tyler walked in the door from the bus at 4:11! Austin had three more seizures at home. I was nervous about what today would hold. So far, so good. His last seizure was at 1:30am, he woke up at 7:30am, ate a bite of a biscuit, talked some and said his mouth hurts a little. I made him lay down at 10 to take a nap and he is sleeping now. Yesterday was a long, horrible day! I felt sick, tired, and nervous all afternoon/night. We couldn’t wait for that day to be over! Today, I feel calm. *I had to stop typing for a minute…Austin just had a seizure!* But, you know, I still feel calm! Although, unfortunately, seizures are a part of our every day life, it has been for 9 years, it’s never easy. It’s hard hard to see your child go through this, but we know he’ll be fine. And, yes, he has gotten hurt before, but nothing like yesterday! It was scary to us! We know that God is in control and everything will be alright!

Monday, May 18, 2009

WEE...Carli's THREE!!!

Busy weekend! Full of celebrations! Friday, Carli took cupcakes to her class to celebrate her turning THREE! Carli, after a looonnng day of school!!! Still has her crown on! Saturday morning, we all woke up late; almost 10am! So, instead of going to the zoo, we opted for Daddy to make pancakes, let the birthday girl open some presents, and then just hang around the house.
We did however, head next door to a birthday party.Sunday morning, we woke up to a little rain. After it stopped raining, it began to get very windy and kind of chilly. Weird weather! I thought it was May? This was starting to put a damper on the whole party scene. We were having it at a splash pad! BUT, strange how it turned out, the splash pad had to be closed due to vandalizing. So a quick wardrobe change (she was going to wear a swimsuit, so now we needed to find an outfit.) We headed on over to the park pavilion to set up. Well, there wasn't any decorating to do. Remember, it was very windy, cloudy and chilly. All of my cute decorations would've blown away.We did set up the bubbles, chalk, play dough, coloring, and balls. I think the kids had fun. At one point they headed over to the park. After playing and snacking, it was time for cupcakes, ice cream, and presents.My pictures are out of order, sorry. This is Carli's invitation. This is her plates, napkins, and party favors (a cd with kid songs).Her cupcake cake!And this is what she did when we sang to her! Shy girl! Thank you to everyone who came. We missed those of you who weren't able to come. Also, thank you for all of the calls and comments wishing her a happy birthday!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Princess!

May 16, 2006, 5:55pm 6lbs. 1oz.
The first time she made her debut in Bryan, she was 3 weeks old. My Aunt Dee gave her this baby doll. Her FIRST Birthday! (Princess theme)Her SECOND BIRTHDAY! (Lady Bugs theme)
This picture was taken on May 14th. She's standing next to the same baby doll that my Aunt Dee gave her! UNBELIEVABLE the difference. How was she ever that tiny!

Our baby girl is THREE YEARS OLD! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! Carli has been such a joyful addition to our family. It wasn't surprising when we found out we were going to have a third child, but what was VERY surprising was the fact that we were having a GIRL! We have BOYS! Those boys were going to be 12 and 8 when she arrived. I have two brothers. I have one girl cousin and lots of boy cousins! Those boy cousins have boys. At the time I had no nieces. Anthony has only brothers. What in the world do we do with a GIRL!? Well, we have done just fine with this baby girl in our house! It's been quite the experience and has been a lot of fun having her around. Will we ever get use to ALL the pink laundry, baby dolls, barbies, dress up clothes, and jewelry scattered around the house? It's great! Carli is a shy, very shy little girl (NOT around us though). Very sweet and funny. Total girly girl when she wants to be (OH the DRAMA! Tears at the drop of a dime and very animated), but could SO rough house with her brother and Daddy. I'm thankful to God that I get to experience the mother/daughter relationship, since my mom passed away when I was younger. She's very attached to me. She's a Daddy's girl too. But when she's upset with us, she runs and cries to Tyler, saying, "I NEED MY TY TY!". I love to see the different relationship she has with each brother. She's aware of Austin and his seizures and how he needs more help or time. She's become a lil' momma. Carli melts our hearts! We love you baby girl! HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!