Thursday, December 27, 2012


A lil' date with one of my boys.
Tyler has a love for Starbuck's like his momma,
so that's where we headed.
 Next was my shopping partner.
Popcorn, sprite, and Target.


Christmas, I didn't take really any pictures.
Christmas Eve we ate snacky foods for dinner while watching Elf.
Carli made cookies.
The kids each opened one gift.
Christmas morning after the kids opened presents and stockings,
we ate a big breakfast that daddy made.
We all hung around in our pjs all day and had taco soup for dinner.

Random Carli

Carli's self portrait
Carli built a church out of Jenga blocks underneath my end table.
 This would be the "elevator" to the church.
 She wanted me to take her picture and send it to her God sister, Emily, to tell her she missed her!
 And, oh the love...

Here we go again...

Christmas Eve, I went outside to turn off the Christmas lights and found these...
 Christmas morning, I went outside to turn the lights on
(yes, in the morning, but it was Christmas Day, so lights on first thing!)
and I see this looking up at me...
I'm not sure if she's the same one as the previous three?
I'm gonna have to charge the ducks rent!

Charlie's Birthday

Last year on December 23rd, we went and picked up our Charlie baby!
He's been the best decision ever!
He really is the most wonderful dog in the world!
We celebrated his special day of course!
He even got a new toy!

Friday, December 21, 2012

First Grade Christmas Party

My friend Samantha and I did our kiddos' first grade Christmas party.
Can you tell what the theme was?!
We had a great time planning and doing!
I'm pretty sure that the class had a great time too!

I love the craziness of a class party...all that excitement, especially a Christmas one.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Friend Fun

With only day two of Christmas break, Carli has already been having lots of friend fun!
 This duck was on the other side of the backyard fence, on my driveway.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Concert

Tyler had his Christmas Choir Concert
 Friday, December 14th. in Pasadena.
 There are seven choir groups and they all performed individually.
This picture is of all 300 members together singing, "The Lord Bless You and Keep You".
The church they sang in was gorgeous!
It was packed, which I couldn't believe since the church was so large.
They sang (as always) BEAUTIFULLY!
I'm so proud of Tyler being a part of this group!
I could sit and listen to them sing all day long.
At times it made me forget the horrible event that happened in CT that day
and at times it made me think so much about it.
Carli was suppose to go to a birthday party that night and would miss the concert.
I decided last minute that she would go with us instead.
I felt like we all needed to be together and when the concert was over and we were out to dinner,
I looked around and realized that I made the right decision.
Music is very healing.

The real one!

Tyler, Carli, and I went to Chic Fil A this past Saturday
 to watch one of the high school choir groups sing.
 It was for the breakfast with Santa.
Carli wanted no part of Santa.
Her exact words were, "It's freakin' me out that he's the real one and he's HERE!"
But, my Tyler went to sit upon Santa's lap and even chatted with him.
 The choir of course, sang wonderful!
 Santa even got up from his chair and stood to watch them.
He really enjoyed it and talked with them.
That really was the REAL Santa!

Daisy Scout

My lil' Daisy Scout went to her
The time will be here before we know it and she can not wait to sell them!
She had lots of fun and earned a badge.
Especially since the older Girl Scouts were the ones in charge.

Okay, so family and friends...


Austin had his appointment for his congenital hypothyroidism.
Since birth (age two weeks), he's taken Synthroid, gone every three months for blood drawn and check-ups. As he got older, it changed to six months.
His height and weight have always been an issue.
Always on the tiny side. Never charted on the growth chart.
There were years where we weren't sure he would go through puberty and
 so discussion of growth hormones came in to play.
We did testing and testing, only to find out that he wouldn't benefit from them.
We would just pray he would go through puberty and IF he continued on a good growth pattern for both height and weight, MAYBE he would make it to 5'1".
This past Friday, he had his appointment with his Endocrinologist.
He's gone through puberty.
He is almost 5'2"!!!!!!!!
He was 104 lbs.!!!!!!!!!!
More than likely he's stopped growing and we are fine with that!
Hey, Anthony and I are only 5'2.
His visit was great!
And because of those things, he will only need blood drawn and a check-up, once a year!

 And to celebrate after his blood drawn,
Anthony, Austin, and I went out to eat lunch.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The BEST Christmas decor

 Austin-1997, Tyler 2003