Thursday, December 26, 2013

Birthday Fun

We went out to dinner for my birthday. Mexican food...YUMMY!
 Came home to presents from Aunt Kayce, Uncle Chad, and cousin Amy!
 Love the lights!

 Austin is in LOVE with his new wall art that he got for Christmas 
and I wanted to take his picture with it.

Christmas 2013

Just some pictures of the tree and mantle.
I have no more pictures of Christmastime.
Not sure why?
We had a great Christmas though!


ME...I turned 40 on Christmas Day!
 And a couple of weeks before I did, I started my new job!
It completely came about out of the blue.
It was never posted as a position.
One day, a couple of months ago, I was volunteering at Carli's school.
The principal came and asked me to come to her office.
She said she was wanting to know if I would want to do
reading intervention for third and fourth graders.
It's actually called Leveled Language Intervention (LLI)
and they've never had it for this age group. They have it in the younger grades.
I was honored that she asked me!
It's a great opportunity!
I'm not sure that if it would've been posted and I applied for it, I would've gotten.
I work five hours a day, three times a my daughter's school!
It really pays to volunteer at your child's school!

Tyler, choir days

This church is in Pasadena.
It is so beautiful and is the perfect setting for the high school choir Christmas concert.

 As always, they sang AMAZING!
I could sit and listen to them all day long!
 Out the door!
Always my view of him.
He's a busy guy.
Musical rehearsal has a lot of his time.
He loves it though.
This night, him and a bunch of friends were going to the Houston Rockets game. One of the choirs was singing the National Anthem.


He's bee doing really GREAT!
This picture truly depicts Austin.
Happy go lucky. Sweet heart.
Bounces back.
Life is a challenge for him, but you'd never know it, according to him.
This particular night, he had a seizure, falling chin first onto our living room tile.
He needed four stitches.
Look at his face. This was just about two hours after it all happened!
Never once cried or complained!
A week later, the stitches came out.

School FUN!

 Literacy Night. Carli got to wear her pjs to school one night. Each grade level had a teacher read them at story then they had cookies and milk!
 Crazy girl! This was on Thanksgiving day lunch at school.
 Second Grade Christmas Concert!

 Her first pair of "heels". She LOVES them and has wanted them forever!
 Our favorite triplet friends.

 Second Grade Christmas party.
 The last day of school for Christmas vacation, was a half day. They got to wear their pjs to school for a Polar Express Day! Christmas sing along, hot chocolate, brownies, and the movie.
And here are some random pics taken lately...
We love that it's been so cold! We've been baking, eating, and drinking hot chocolate.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2nd Grade Field Trip

Carli went on her 2nd grade field trip to a local farm.
The kids had a great time!
Hay rides, duck races, bean bag toss, corn maze, strawberry planting, and a picnic.