Friday, January 28, 2011

All better

Last week was so yucky with Anthony, Carli, and myself being sick! We are ALL BETTER now!
Anthony went back to work Monday. Carli went back to school on Wednesday and Thursday. And I am trying to catch up on housework! My house is a wreck! I'm real behind!
Thankfully the boys never got sick.
Remember, she likes to pose now! These were taken before school each day.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two Birthday Gals!

A certain mother and daughter are sharing their birthday today.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREAT GRANDMA AND AUNT RACHEL!! WE LOVE YOU TWO BIRTHDAY GALS!!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Choir Trip

Tyler was picked to go to Temple to audition for choir regional tryouts. There were about fourteen that went (four boys and 10 girls) from his school. He left at 6:30 Saturday morning and returned around 7:30pm. I was extremely nervous! He was going on a bus, out of town, with out me, dad, or anyone we know! I mean we, including Tyler, didn't even know the kids!. He didn't make it, which he was bummed about, but we could tell he had a fun time by all of his stories! We were so proud of him for going and auditioning! To audition, you (by yourself) go into a room with the judges and sing different parts to different songs. How brave of him!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The kiddos

Last Friday, I took pics of the kiddos... Austin lookin' good after school. Once a week, his class goes down to the high school's cosmetology department and they get to have their hair shampooed and styled. The girls also get a mani/pedi. Cute huh?! Tyler had just came in from the bus. SO adorable! Carli, still not feeling a 100%, but smiling because her uncle Chris swung by and gave her a dollar! Oh she loves her uncle Chris!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cabin fever and decorating

January always feels so blah. I guess because we're coming down from a Christmas high and it's always so cold and dreary. This past week, especially. It rained for a couple of days and was COLD! We stayed in our pjs that weekend. We had the Ely kids over one night and the next night Melanie, Monique, and Arlyssa came. They were in their pjs too! This week Carli has had a cold, ear infection, and ran fever for a few days. She's on antibiotics, so I can see where she's coming back around, slowly though. Anthony has been running a fever, with a cold this week too. He's now on an antibiotic for an upper respiratory infection. The boys and I are fine (knock on wood).
Because of the January blues/cold weather and being cooped up with these sickies, I'm gettin' major cabin fever!!! I did do some little crafting of some heart paper chains. Then decided to break out the Valentine decor. YES, I know it's early, but I was bored, and hey, it did cheer up the place a little!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New adventure

As if moving back to our hometown over Christmas break wasn't enough of a new adventure, I decided to add something else. For ME!
I decided to sign up as a:
It's only fitting since I have a slight obsession with Scentsy. I have them in every room, the scent circle is in my car, I have a room spray (Rose and I used the spray in our classroom and it would smell great all day!), Anthony is even putting one in his office! I can now have my own supply! I mean, I'm no longer in the same neighborhood as Rose, so who am I suppose to run to when I'm in need of bars?! This is also going to give me some "me time". I'll have something I enjoy doing: parties, hanging out with friends, all while shopping for great looking, great smelling, safe products for our homes!

I know lots of you have Scentsy, so if you need more warmers and scents, let me know!
If you are new to Scentsy and would like to buy, let me know!
You could always have a party too-oh and free products!
Whatever your Scentsy needs are, I'm here for ya!
You can click HERE on my Scentsy website for more information! Yes, I have a website! You know I love a website! :) You can also click the image on my side bar and it will take you to it.
YAY! I'm really excited! Hope to hear from you!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

10 minutes verses 120 minutes!

I really LOVE being able to just swing by, spur of the moment and pick up a God brother and sister to bring them back to our house to hang out! (above: Tyler and Christian, below: Carli and Emily)
10 minutes apart, verses 120 minutes is feelin' GREAT!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's up?!

What's up with the Ramirez Family? We are all doin' GRRREAT! The kids all finished their second week of school. Austin and Carli continue to love it! Austin is just beside himself that he is in high school! Carli is just super excited to go and isn't shy at all there.Tyler, had a rough first week. We had lots of conversations about it getting better, it taking time, and hanging in there. Well, hello answered prayers...with you all praying for my kids smooth transition/adjusting, it really did help! Thank you Deyanira for all of your advice and CeCe, (from so far away) for your sweet gesture!! Tyler has had a good second week! He started a new schedule. We switched him to all P/AP classes and he really likes them. He's on the basketball team. Yesterday, the choir went to workshops to help them prepare for upcoming regional try outs. It is looking up for Tyler! He tells me, "Mom, don't get too excited. I said it's just a little better."Anthony is loving the bank and being back here. He's having no problem adjusting, ha!Me, well, I've got the house completely put together, the kids all in school. Still busy getting schedules/routines down, and getting use to not working. More specifically, not working at Carli's school. It's strange to drop her off and not stay there! I miss my friends too. I'm trying to adjust to being back in our hometown. I know we were born and raised here and we know everyone, but we've been gone over eight years. I have to tell my self that it'll take time, just like I said to Tyler. It'll be a month on the 17th, that we've been officially moved back. I guess because of the holidays, it doesn't seem that long.

Side note: Carli's first day of MDO, the assistant director was laughing at me, because of how many people I kept stopping and talking to that I knew (mainly other parents, but some teachers) both in the morning and afternoon. She kept saying, "But you just moved here!" I said, "yes, but I've lived here for 29 years! She also heard Carli and I talking about how I didn't have a class there, that I would be at home while she was at school. She asked if I taught at her last MDO and I said yes...long story short...she made sure I left with a application to sub! HA!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Two Birthdays

Great day for birthdays... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my UNCLE ROBERT!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bowlin' Birthday

Sunday, Carli was invited to a bowlin' birthday party. It was for Camden, who's in her class, but who happens to belong to one of my girl friend's, Gentri.It was so cold and rainy, but that made Carli so excited! She could finally wear her rain boots! She likes to pose now! Lord help me! :)
It was a fun time! There were some of her new classmates there, lots of little girls, and Conlee, my other girl friend, Molly's little girl. Camden and Carli. HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY CAMDEN!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gina and Julie

Last Wednesday, I went out to dinner with Gina and Julie. Gina, I've known since high school and I use to babysit her baby girl. At the time, that baby girl was three months old. She's now TEN years old! That should tell you how long it's been since I've seen Gina! Julie, aw Julie. I've known since childhood. It's been almost two years (I think)since I've seen her. We had great conversation over Mexican food. So strange to be able to have dinner with these girls in the middle of the week. When you live out of town, it's hard to try and get together. Now, I can any time!Thanks for the nice night out girls. Can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New year, new town, new schools

This has been a busy week. Even more than the whole moving experience! There was also quite a bit of nerves on mine and Tyler's part, and excitement on Austin and Carli's part.
Monday, Tyler had a dentist appointment, to remove a partial baby tooth. It was teacher in service that day, so I decided that would be a perfect day to enroll Tyler. This way he could start school when all of the kids start back. After three hours he was registered. There were quite a few ahead of us. He is going to the same middle school that Anthony and I went to. He was nervous and a little excited. He's a bus rider, which he's use too, but wow, is everything else completely different! He's not too thrilled about being a new student. His classes are spread out everywhere, like in different buildings! He now has eight subjects instead of seven. They have to wear an idea badge at all times. There are no lockers, no books. Every student gets a laptop! Yes, you heard right! LAPTOP! Everything is done on that. Oh, and there's no uniform! You wear whatever! Even shorts. Not mention, he knows no one. So, he's got quite a bit of adjusting to do. These first few days have been hard for him, but we tell him we understand how he feels (he's 12, can you imagine?!) and to give it time. That he's probably going to have to be the one to go talk to others. He told me yesterday that his second day was one percent better than the first day. So, there was a positive.
Now Austin...he started Wednesday. Him being in Special Ed, took a bit longer of a process to enroll him. We went on Tuesday and had our meetings. One of the things (just one, ha) I was worried about was that would the new teacher, aides, and diagnosticians like and care for him as much as the ones he was with before? WELL, Anthony and I both agree that the meetings couldn't have gone any better. They were great! You could tell that they immediately loved him! You could tell they really wanted the best for him. He went in and met his classmates too. Oh they were precious! All getting up and coming to say hi to him, shaking his hand! He had a fantastic day his teacher said! He even got to see Sam on the day he enrolled, making it even cooler! So, there is no worries at all (so far) for Austin at school. He loves being in high school! I mean LOOOVVEESS being in HIGH SCHOOL!! Me? Um, I have no words. Yes I do, plenty! How about, CULTURE SHOCK! I was so not prepared! It's the same high school Anthony and I went to, but Lordy how things have changed! I know it's this way in every high school. Along with everything I mentioned above about Tyler's school, there's so much more...I'm a mom of a high school student now. The kids look so old! I'm use to Austin being in Junior High. If he would've stayed in our last town, he would have transferred to that high school anyway, so I would have to deal with my culture shock there too. Maybe not as much since they have uniform and this town does not! Whewww!!!! He will ride the special transportation bus. He hasn't gotten to yet, but should start tomorrow. He loves to ride the bus, so he's ready. The teacher said he had a fantastic day!
Then, there's my shy girl. Shy girl? Well, not so much anymore. Like I said a couple of posts ago, she has changed so much in the past two-three weeks. Anthony has even talked to me about how she's changed. More mature in her speech, manor isms, etc. She started MDO Wednesday. She will go Wednesdays and Thursdays. Yesterday and today she walked in ahead of me, put her stuff away, talked to the teacher, kissed/ hugged, and told me good bye! She teared up a little bit during the day yesterday, but was fine. This school is also a bit different for her. There is a rest time. She hasn't been in a napping room since she was two. Here, kindergartners have a rest time, so I'm guessing that's why they nap in pre-k. She did fine then too, partly because she took her favorite blanket. Her teacher said she did wonderfully! I really can't believe how well she's doing! I did get a bit worried on the day I took her to just look around; she asked me, "Mom, where's your class at?" I then had to explain to her that I didn't have a class there and that I would be home while she was at school. I thought surely that would make her upset! NOPE, she just said, "Oh okay. If you miss me, just draw me a picture".
Last, me. Yesterday was the very first time that all three of my children were in school and I was at home!Very strange! I told myself that I would not go home and clean (just the first day of course). I would use that first day to relax. Boy did I. I rested alright, after taking Advil. You see, I thought I would go for a nice walk in our neighborhood. The weather was so nice. When I was walking, I trip and FELL! I went flying is more like it! I scraped the palm of my hand and scraped very badly my leg from the knee to my ankle. It's swollen now and I'm sore all over today. Kind of funny actually! I did make it to have dinner with friends last night, that was great!
Thank you to those of you who said prayers for the kiddos to have a smooth transition into their new schools. If you could, please say a little extra one for my Tyler.
I'll be back next week with lots of posts. For now, enjoy the kids' pictures of their first day of school!
Austin, high schooler now.Tyler, middle schooler. I caught him mid-laugh!Carli, pre-k

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lost pics

Here's a random post...
I came across three pictures that didn't make it to the blog. Well, I like to use all the pictures I take, so here they are. The three of us at my Aunt Dee's house on Christmas day. Carli with her Hello Kitty shirt AND Hello Kitty Bow! It's hard to see, but some of the ribbon on her bow is Hello Kitty. Thanks Ms.Rose!
I managed to put up a little bit of Christmas decorations outside. The garland and tree has lights. It was up for about a week and then, ALL of my Christmas decorations came down December 26th.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Last Thursday, Carli had her two cousins, Gabby and Rachel (second cousins. Their mom and Anthony are cousins) over for a slumber party. They had been waiting for this day forever! I didn't get many pics, only these two. They were so happy and busy! There was sleeping bags, popcorn, lots of movies, games of Memory, dress up, zhu zhu pet play, outside play, a grocery store trip with me, and what slumber party would be complete without toenail painting! You name it, these girls did it! They had a very fun time.
Having Rachel, Gabby, Arlyssa, and Emily around a lot to play with Carli has definitely been a blessing for our shy lil' girl! It's funny, since they're all so much older than her, she acts and plays so different now.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

I didn't do a good job of documenting New Year's Eve.
We went to Anthony's grandma's house. It was her wedding anniversary.The first one without grandpa. It was also Melissa's birthday. Her cake was red velvet! MMM...
We hung out there eating until around 11pm and came home to ring in the new year.The kids did not make it until midnight. Only Tyler. At least they got to play with their party stuff before they sacked out!
We've got a busy week ahead..wait, aren't all weeks busy for everyone? Anyway, Tyler will have a dentist appointment for a broken tooth. Not sure when, how that happened, or even if it's a baby tooth or adult tooth? I will also be registering the boys for their new schools and they will start this week. Carli may start this week or we may wait until the next week. Of course, there will be more posts to come.
Hope you have had a great start to the new year!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011- A NEW YEAR!

I can't believe 2010 has come and gone! Welcome 2011! Here's wishing you and your family a year full health and happiness!! Don't sweat the small stuff! Remember, you are too blessed to be stressed! Slow down and enjoy! HAPPY NEW YEAR!