Friday, May 31, 2013


I just realized that my lil' ol' blog turned a year older yesterday!
I can't believe that I've had Ramirez Ramblings for FIVE YEARS now!
Time has flown by! 
I really enjoy journaling about my family's lives!
You can tell by the 932 posts I've written!
I started reading here, my very first post and I cannot stop
reading through all of them!
SO much has happened it  five years!
One, or three, being MY BABIES have grown so stinkin' much!
Just look at the very first picture on my blog of the three of them together!
Austin, 14
Tyler, 10
Carli, 2
Thank you for reading and sharing our ramblings with us.
Here' to many more blog entries!
(I sure hope my children appreciate this one day! Hahaha!)

Book Bistro

1st grade held a "Book Bistro"
It was so cute!
The classroom was decorated like a restaurant.
The kids were each chefs.
They took you to their table and showed you a menu.
The items on the menu were books.
Books that you could choose for them to read to you.
Then they served us desserts and water.

After school, I took Carli to have a milkshake
with her best friends.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pop Show

Tyler had his last choir concert this school year.
It was their Pop Show.
What talent!
I didn't get a video of Tyler's group performance.
They sang, "Sweet Caroline"
I got too caught up in watching it!
I didn't get many pictures afterwards either.
It was so crazy.
They were all so emotional since it was the seniors last time to perform.
 I definitely had to get a picture of Tyler and Nathan!
He graduates and will go to Baylor.
He was Billis in South Pacific.
He immediately took Tyler under his wing at the beginning of the year
 and have become the best of friends.
He's going to miss him and ALL of the seniors so much!
They really are like family.
His good friend Courtney, who he's taking to choir banquet this weekend.

Another precious senior, good friend.
Allison, she played Nellie in South Pacific.
She's going to Carnegie Melon.
 At the end of every choir concert, they all sing, along with any choir alumni, "The Lord Bless you and Keep You"
It is beautiful!
This video is hard to see everyone because they have the seniors standing in their senior circle, holding hands, with everyone standing around them.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

21 Years Gone

21 years ago today, my mom passed away.
It's strange to think this many years have passed.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Austin hasn't been on the blog alone lately.
Well, he's doing good.
He's counting down the days until his birthday.
30 days until his birthday!
June 22nd, he will be 19 year old!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mother's Day

I never posted pictures from Mother's Day.

It was a very nice day spent with my loves!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1st Grade Field Day

Carli was pretty excited about field day!
They were to wear their tie dye shirts from when they went on their field trip.
She could wear a hat, if she wanted, which she definitely did!
She DID NOT want to wear shorts or tennis shoes.
She hates wearing shorts or pants.
I ended up not being able to go to field day. Austin was home fro school due to seizures.
I was so bummed, but thank God for my friend Samantha, who went, had her camera, and took TONS of pictures! I felt like I was there! It made me so happy!

You can tell that she had an awesome day!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Carli's 7th Birthday Party

It was a theme picked out by Carli. She always plans her parties and it always fits her!

 She wanted only wanted four of her little friends there.
She wanted to go to the movies.
She wanted to have crafts.
She wanted Mrs.Rose there.
Carli gave book marks and a pen as a favor.
The book marks she wrote on the back :Thank you Love, Carli

When the girls arrived (just two, the other two were unable to come), we loaded up and headed to the movies.
We saw, "The Croods".
It was so good!
We were also the only one in the theatre!

When it was over we went back home
so Daddy and brothers could join us in having
cupcakes and presents.
Then, it was time for crafting!


They decorated their favor bags and made journals!

Dad even joined in!
There was lots of paper, cutting, stamping and blinging...
not too mention lots of laughs and sassy-ness!
They had a blast!
THANK YOU ROSE for coming, THANK YOU for all your crafting supplies and ideas!
I loved her lil' party and she did too!
It was perfect!