Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring School Pictures

This is a picture of the proof of Carli's school pictures.
My how far school pictures have come along!
I asked Carli how come she didn't tell me she posed like this and she said she "wanted to surprise me!"
Well she sure did! I was pretty pleased! I love them!
She also said, "the picture lady said to take some with a closed mouth and some with an open mouth, so our moms could have some pictures of our missing teeth!"
Of course, I just ordered some!

First date...the asking

Oh those times are upon us.
High school.
It has come pretty quickly!
I've thought about those times, of course,
but it seemed far away.
Tyler's choir banquet is coming up and it's quite an affair!
I've thought about banquet, because I'll be helping at it,
but I surely did not think about Tyler having a date!
A date!
So, when he told me who he wanted to invite, I was initially shocked because...
well... I was not prepared for this!
So when I got over the thought of, "my baby boy wants to ask a girl to the choir banquet and that would mean it's a DATE!",
I was happy.
I knew the girl.
They go to church together.
She's in one of the all girls choir at school.
They're really good friends.
Great choice!
Then, the time came for how and when to ask her.
He first asked her older sister to ask her parents if she would be allowed to go.
They are freshmen after all and this is a date.
They said yes.
These days, it's all about the presentation of asking.
And, it should be!
 I asked my friend Kathy to make cookies.
Perfect maroon and white music notes and circles with edible glitter cookies!
It would be a surprise to her, but her sister and parents knew.
He was so calm.
Me? Not so much!
I told him to tell me when to come to the door so I could snap at least one picture.
I thought he'd say no, or at least be hesitant.
I would try to understand.
Then, the moment he was getting out of the car, he looked at me.
He was nervous.
He said, "Mom, come with me!"
My heart began to melt.
He did so good and was just too cute!
She was so surprised!
She said YES!
The whole family loved the cookies!
I tried really hard not to be embarrassing, I may have failed.
Her mom was the same way though.
Tyler was happy with how it all turned out.
Me too.
I was so thankful I got to be involved in this sweet moment.
So, milestone one, done!
Next, the actual date, which isn't for a while.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tommy Tune Awards - Part Three

Best Musical
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best technical, lighting, stage
With every win, the screams got louder!
Then, the biggest award of the night...
I'm sure you could hear the screams around the world!
It was so emotional for everyone!
It also made for a very late night!
We didn't get back until 11:45pm!
THEN, they ALL went out to eat at Whataburger!
Can you imagine, 70 kids, plus a couple of musical directors, dressed up, on a school night, eating at Whataburger AND COMPLETELY HYPER from their big win!!?!!
We are still on a high!
 We are so very proud of them!
 They are insanely talented, sweet hearted, and hard workers! They so deserved this!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tommy Tune Awards - Part Two

The whole show was awesome!
Even the show's name sake, Tommy Tune, was there!
We were floored by the amount of talent all of these students had!
Unreal that these were high school students!
These will look all the same to you, but not to me of course.
See my lil' sailor?!

 And sadly, I got no pictures of the girls. They were adorable!
 Most of these pictures, I snagged from other people
because I could see my Tyler in them!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Tommy Tune Awards!
In between school, UIL rehearsals, fundraisers, on weekends...
they worked hard for that night of performing on stage in front of 2,000 people!
This was an extreme honor!
You can look on the Internet for Tommy Tune Awards
and read just how spectacular it really is.
45 schools were entered.
15 categories.
Pearland High School was nominated for 10!
And when you're a nominated best musical, you get the honor of performing.
Tyler's choir director took the two biggest numbers
 and condensed them to one short number.
This gave the girls and the guys a chance to perform together.
All of the kids who weren't  in those scenes due to them being another character, were given a part in that number.
SO, that meant Tyler was playing the part of a sailor! (just like dear ol' dad)
The BIG DAY came. They were gone from school that day because they needed to be over at the Hobby Center for a full day of rehearsals with the awards' director.
It was quite an itinerary.
I went over at four, to help serve them dinner.
Gringo's generously provided fajitas, rice, and beans for them!
The picture above is of the whole cast. It was in the Playbill for that night.
The marquee outside.
The kids hanging out in the lobby.
I can spot Tyler. He's on the left hand side, in front of the brown desk.
This was them rehearsing on stage for the first time!
Look at Tyler in front!
The girl that's sitting with him is the girl that played his sister. So it's cute that they put them in front at the end of the number.
This would be their view from the stage before the show.
The floor seats were for the high school kids that were nominated.
Everyone else sat above.
Us parents were that middle balcony toward the right.
The news was there because they were filming it.
It will be broadcasted on ABC 13, June 9th, at noon.
 After eating dinner, it was time to get all fancied up!
I didn't take too many pictures, because at this point,
it was getting crazy!
Nerves and excitement were really setting in!
And yes, Tyler really is that small.
Also, he is a freshman, they're all upper classmen.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Top Rating

Tyler went to UIL, where his concert men choir performed.
They spent weeks rehearsing!
It definitely paid off...
they received a
1 rating!
That's the best!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Favorite DVD

Our favorite DVD to watch around here (aside from Pitch Perfect),
Thank God it was put onto a DVD for all of us parents!
It was done so wonderfully.
Complete with behind the scenes footage.
We love it so much, so don't be surprised
 if we make you sit and watch it when you come to our house!
The same night Tyler brought home the DVD,
he also brought home
this patch!
It will go on his letter man jacket!
His letter man jacket that he will get over the summer,
in time for his sophomore year!
I cannot believe he'll receive it so early in his high school years!

Monday, April 1, 2013


I guess I should add an update on me.
Just like every momma on this planet, I AM BUSY!
We made a visit to Mimi.
Not only did people take care of us in Bryan, Pearland did too!
Joni brought over all of this one night!
I also received a beautiful cross from Krista
and many sweet cards.
A little over a week before my mother in law passed away, my BFF Deyanira's mother in law passed away. Sherri (Shug) was absolutely a graceful lady!
At the end of February, I went with Deyanira to see the play, Steel Magnolias.
I loved it of course.
The picture above is me with my mom's bff, Cindy, who played M'Lynn.
And this is really what has been keeping me busy!
Most days my table looks like this.
I've been keeping kiddos. 
Mainly I watch two on Tuesdays and Thursdays and two on Wednesdays. School holidays, I have more.
I guess that's my part time job now.
It's tiring, but fun!