Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween decor

Our house is all decked out for Halloween...and my blog too!! I started a tad bit early. I was in need of a "pick me up" so I though this would help and it kind of did. The cooler weather is helping too.The outside decorations. The "BOO" letters, skull, and skeleton sign are glittered, but is not showing up on camera. My favorite babies' costumes of the past are framed.Wasn't able to turn off Backyardigan's...sorry The kids' bedroom doors.Carli's bathroom and bedroom.
And that concludes this Halloween House tour! :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Cousins!!

Out of the eight grandchildren on my side of the family, SIX are BOYS! So I was constantly around boys! I did enjoy hanging around with them, but it sure is nice that the majority are married, bringing some girliness to the mix! One of those cousins (jokingly known as my favorite cousin), JASON, married JOY and TODAY is BOTH of their BIRTHDAYS! So neat, husband and wife were born on the same day, same year, same town, same hospital! And another little family joke is that since Jason is nine months and two days younger than me... it's because when my aunt and uncle came to the hospital to see me when I was born, they just fell in love with me and decided they needed a baby too! Ha! True or not, I'm happy to have my "favorite cousin"! I have so many fun memories of us growing up together, with lots of pictures to go along with! I sure need to drag those out and post them!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUSINS! Many blessings on your special birthdays!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

All About CARLI

Friday at school, was Carli's turn to bring her "ALL ABOUT ME" poster. We've had this poster with the due date on it, since before school started. It was given to us at a parent only meeting. EVERY single day, she would ask, "is today the day we make my poster?" She was beyond excited to make it. So when the day came, we headed to Hobby Lobby to gather our supplies. Man, she truly is a crafter! She could've bought out that store! She was in heaven! I had to make her narrow it down to a few stickers. You should've seen what all she wanted to put on it! There wasn't a poster big enough! HA! She was VERY particular on how things looked, where they were to be placed, the colors, how I wrote EXACTLY what she said, etc.! I would get it all ready for her and she went to town....I think it turned out FANTASTIC!
She was so very proud of her poster that was all about her!
She showed it to her class and it now hangs in the hallway with her classmates' posters. She also took some animal coloring book treats to her friends-Carli's request! she said,"it's cause I love to color and I love animals!"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Sally!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Austin Update

Monday, Austin had an appointment with an ENT. Even though it was an ENT specialist, we were there to discuss Austin getting a Vagus Nerve Stimulator. This particular doctor also works with Austin's neurologist, by surgically implanting the VNS in patients. So, this appointment was to go over the procedure. We are very excited about the VNS and have been thinking about it for some time. Well, while we were there, I mentioned to the doctor, Austin's snoring. Snoring, well more like choking, gasping. We hear him all night long. We have a monitor in our room and his so we can hear him in the night if he has a seizure. We get up all during the night, every night, to roll him over or turn his head to get him to breathe better and stop snoring. Most of the time it sounds as if he had a seizure. He is so hard to wake up in the mornings and yawns so much during the day. The doctor took a look at Austin, who had probably his fifth yawn while sitting in the exam room, then looked in his throat and nose. He said from hearing the description, looking at Austin, he would say he has sleep apnea. His tonsils were large! He said his tonsils and adenoids need to come out pretty quickly. I told him that I feel like that could be why he has some of the seizures that he does. Being overly tired. He totally agreed. Now, will this stop him from having seizures? Who knows? Praying it does, or at least lessens them. It will provide him with better breathing, more oxygen to his brain, better sleep, better moods! The VNS will wait for few months. We will wait to see how his sleeping and seizures go and then discuss whether or not we still want to do it. WOW! What an appointment! We went for discussion of putting in one thing and leave with talks of taking some things out! We're actually happy with getting his tonsils and adenoids out! Why we or anyone else never thought of this who knows! Maybe because (for me) I think of removing of your tonsils because you've had strep throat alot? Not the case at all! OH, and his weight today was 94lbs.! Just two months ago, he weighed 88lbs. You remember, weight and height are always a concern with us.
The surgery is set for October 6th. We'll be needing you to say a prayer or two! While we're excited for this and know it's a totally routine day surgery, it's still surgery, and it's Austin, who has seizures.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Heavy on my heart

Allison is a childhood friend of mine. She's really been heavy on my heart! I think about her every single day. Constantly praying for her! Now, have we talked in the past 18 years (aside from Face book) since school has been out? No. But when you come from a town like ours, where everybody knows everybody and when you have grown up together, it doesn't matter how many years have past. She fought breast cancer about five years ago. This summer it returned and she's been going at treatments hard! Just less than two weeks ago, after lots of testing to figure out why she's been having such horrible headaches, they found a mass in her brain, meaning the cancer has metastasized. It can be surgically removed and due to the confined bleeding in this tumor, it needs to be done now. Well, today is that day! Oh how I hate this! I just keep thinking of how she's my age (36), she's married, has two adorable baby boys, and then I flash back to my mom! Basically going through the same thing. We can all relate to her. But, if anyone can beat this, it's Allison! She's a fighter for sure and talk about a faith in our God...She's is so full of grace and always has that never ending smile! Just look at her! If you could please, whether you know her or not, say a prayer for her and pass along her story! You can start by clicking here for her background and then here for her latest journal entry. Thank you!
God Bless you sweet, beautiful Allison! Lifting you up in prayer all of the time!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lunch date

Since the boys are in school, Carli gets a lot of one on one time with me. It's nice, but what's even nicer, are days when we can go on a lunch date with daddy! She loves it! In fact, she will say "oh that's gonna be great! Just YOU, DADDY, and ME! NO boys!" This past week, we went out for pizza, her favorite! She ate so much! When we were leaving, she told me where her and her daddy were going to stand so I can take their picture! SWEET GIRL!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Joel!

Today is our cousin Joel's Birthday! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JOEL! We hope you have an awesome day! We love you! 1998: Jestin, Tyler, JOEL, and Austin

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Game days

Remember when you were in junior high and high school, the football players would dress up on game days? Well, they still do that! Tyler must have thought I was a big ol' dork for getting excited and wanting to take his picture! FYI, Dad was too!
But, really, how cute is he all dressed up for school on game day! This was this past Tuesday. It was an out of town game! OUT OF TOWN! I was actually calm about him loadin' up on the bus with the team and coaches heading OUT OF TOWN! Okay, maybe I wasn't all that calm! Hey, at least I didn't follow the bus or take pictures like I wanted to. I think I did okay! HA!
The game was good. However, they lost. In fact, both A and B teams lost against the school they were playing! Oh well, he's having fun playing and we are having fun watching him play!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Are you ready for some football?!

Well, we are! More importantly, Tyler is! He had his very first football game last night! He loved it and so did we! He did good too! He plays safety and wide receiver. They won, 10-2. We're mighty proud of you Tyler!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Carli woke up yesterday morning to her "Happy First Day of Pre-K" celebration breakfast. She chose waffles. She was very ready to start the day! The night before she got her things in her back pack, I made her lunch, and we laid out her outfit. She also made her teachers' gift. Edible crayons (chocolate covered pretzels).
She quickly got ready and we took the annual first day of school pics! The first picture isn't as clear-my camera fogged up.
She did great going into her classroom. I was a bit worried because she would be the first one there, (since she's a teacher's child and they go in a few minutes before everyone else) and all of her class from last year are split up; she does have two friends in there she knew from last year and four are from my last year's class. PLUS, she's SHY! But like I said, she was fine, because she knew very soon BRADY would be walking in that room! Thank goodness for BRADY!
She had a FUN day and hasn't stopped talking about every little thing, in complete detail! She said, "Mom, you shoulda stayed all day cause you woulda LOVED it!"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Movie Girl

Carli's first real movie she fell in love with was "Mary Poppins". She's a big movie girl. Loves to watch them. There are lots of favorites! Especially if girls are on it, singing and dancing. (Carli, age 2, lovin' on her Mary Poppins!)
A few months ago, she watched the "Parent Trap" with me and fell head over heals for it! She will watch it every time it comes on tv, which is alot! That movie is the reason for her being so into headbands! The first time she saw one and wanted it, she said, "yes I want it, it's like Annie on Parent Trap!"
Well, this past weekend, she watched it twice and kept seeing the comercial forWho would've thought that a four year old would watch this movie? I mean, I like it alot, but come on, it's long!!! Well, she did! Of course she danced, sang, played while it was on, but man she loved it! I wish I would've been able to get pictures of her! You can see the back of her head in the picture below. She now wants to buy the dvd....I think I'll pass.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily!

(Emily's 1st Birthday. I had to have my very own party for her at my house!) (For the record, the above picture has always been Anthony's favorite! She looks like a baby doll!)(Carli and Emily! What pretty girls!)

Oh our sweet, beautiful, Emily's birthday is today...yes, we claim her as ours! All the Ely kids are ours! :)
We had Austin, Sam, Christian, Tyler, and they were quite fun and Lord knows we love 'em, but Deyanira and I were kind of out numbered, but then the Princess Emily arrived! I know Deyanira was excited to have a little girl, but I think I may have been just as excited! Ha! When Emily was about six weeks old, instead of going to daycare with her brothers, she came to me. I was honored to have her! Everyday she was with me, for a couple of years, until we moved out of town. What a joy! I was her "Ma". Uh, this girl just melts my heart! Love her! Now, to see her all these years later, with my own little girl, is so special!
Emily Elizabeth, may you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you!

Side note: In looking through pictures of Emily for this post, I realized that I may have more of her than anyone else. Ha ha!! It made it real hard to find just a couple to put on here.

Monday, September 6, 2010


I missed a couple of birthdays and I've got one coming up, so I thought I'd post them together now. Carli spent a lot of time with her cousins this summer, but I have no pictures to show for it. Makes me mad! Anyway, I do have this picture below from a year ago. SO....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ARLYSSA! Her birthday was August 31st. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL. Her birthday is September 12th.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRIS! Her birthday was on Sept. 5th.
We love you girlies!
Carli can't wait to play again! She misses y'all very much!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet the teacher

Today, our preschool had "Meet the teacher/ Open House". I met my little class and LOVED them! Oh man they're some major cute kiddos! I actually have siblings of two former students. Which makes it fun. I forgot to take pictures of our room. I will next week when we start. Carli got to go upstairs to the PRE-KINDERGARTEN classrooms, so that she could meet her teachers and see her class. The friends from her two previous years are not in the same class this year. Once they go to pre-k, they are all separated and mixed in with the children from last year's older three year old classes. So, she was a bit nervous as to see who was in there. THANKFULLY her FAVORITE friend BRADY is in her class! As well as her friend Rylee. What's also neat is that four of her classmates were in my class last year! It's really going to be an awesome class! She also got some pretty terrific teachers! I'm excited for this year!
These are the only pictures I got of her today. They were from this morning. No, Babydoll did not go to school with her. She just wanted her in the picture.