Monday, August 25, 2014


Austin is 20.
He graduated in June.
Because he is in Special Education, he gets to stay in school until he's 22.
He went back to high school today but in the coming months will go to the district's transition center.
Tyler is 16.
A JUNIOR in high school. 
He passed on riding the school bus 
and rode with his senior friend to go grab a Starbucks on the way to school.
UnREAL to me that we're at this stage already!
Carli is 8.
Third grade!
She was a little nervous this morning.

She took two apples this year because she has two teachers.
Anthony and I had our 15th annual Back To School Breakfast Date!
We did not get to go anywhere.
I went and picked up breakfast tacos while he went to pick up Austin.
At 7:30 his teacher called us.
He was at school for thirty minutes and had a seizure.

Friday, August 22, 2014

New glasses, meet the teacher and a sweet treat!

Carli has great vision, but a astigmatism in her left eye that needs to be corrected.
She only needs to wear them when concentrating, but she's been wearing them all the time!
They're purple and she loves them!
 She dropped off her school supplies and met her two teachers this morning.
In third grade, you get two teachers!

 And to end our summer, this evening she had a snow cone!

Ladies who lunch

Carli and her friends met for lunch at our local tea room.
 It's a precious little old house.
The owner brought the girls pink lemonade in pink and gold porcelain tea cups and saucers. She even brought the tea pot filled with pink lemonade to leave on the table and taught them how to serve it.
She then gave booster seats for their stuffed animals and gave the stuffed animals their own tea set (it was plastic).


Us mommies had spiced tea in cups that were over 100 years old!
All of our food and tea was delicious!
A very sweet place to take Carli on just us girl days!


Tyler and some friends went to a comic con in Houston.
He was thrilled to have met up with the Green Ranger from Power Rangers!
He was called out to do the ALS ice bucket challenge.
This is not a video.
It's just a picture of it.
The actual video is on Instagram.
He had a few patches from last year that he earned, so I just got those back from getting put on.
It's really filling up!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Company's a comin'!

What a fun summer we've had! 
Lot's of company came our way and we've loved every minute of it!
It makes us feel like we're on vacation too!
 Anthony's aunts and cousin stayed the night when they came for Austin's party.
 Childhood/long time friends, The Ortega's, stayed for a few nights!
Cousins came for a couple of nights!
Cousins, Julia and her husband Kevin came for a couple of nights! Julia not pictured.
These two cousins came when they were on their way to and from New York!

Y'all come back now, ya hear!

Special Videos!

The first video is the slideshow Anthony made of Austin growing up.
The next is Austin singing along with the movie Hercules.
The one after that is of him and Kristina singing along with the movie High School Musical.
And the last one is, well, you just have to watch it!

Special Guests

These pictures are in no particular order.
These are the only ones I had on my phone, 
but my friend has a disc with lots more and I'll post those soon.
Austin had a huge turnout for his celebration! 
We were so honored by everyone who came!
Many even came from Bryan, College Station, Kingwood!
We ate lunch then Austin wanted to show everyone how he sings along to some of his favorite movies. He even sang with Kristina!
Then, we watched a video of Austin growing up.
 We all had to crowd into the game room to watch it, 
because it wasn't showing up on out TV in the living room.
After that, we had cake.

 Two cakes-one graduation, one 20th birthday!

 Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Shawn came!
 My sister in law made the graduation cookies to be shared at the party and made the Sponge Bob ones only for Austin!
It was very sweet of her and we really appreciated it!
They were not only gorgeous, but SO YUMMY!

My kiddos with their God mother and brothers and sister!

 These were Austin's teachers from when we lived in Bryan a couple of years ago. 
Floored us that they came! We love them!
I wish I had pictures of everyone who came!
We thank you all! It meant the world to us all!
We love you!