Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A girl and her dog

These are taken with my cell from inside my house. My bedroom has a door that also leads to the back yard and when I was in my room, I could hear Carli laughing like crazy and screaming! You know that high pitch girlie scream! I looked out to see who she was playing with, maybe Tyler or our neighbor who is also in kindergarten with Carli. NOPE! She was playing with her dog! I love to see her and Charlie playing! They always have so much fun together!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

My lil' reader!

Carli has been going with her class every two weeks to her school library, but it was always for story time. This past Friday was the FIRST TIME she got to check out a book from there! She was so excited! She knew exactly all the rules of checking out a school book. She couldn't wait to go grab a book that had "the pink dot on it, cause those are the ones for kindergartners"! 
This is the book she picked! She can even READ it!
She would NOT let me take a picture of her with it and especially would NOT let me record her reading it! I AM on a mission though to record her reading! I have to be discrete about it, but I WILL do it! It's just too cute!

Friday, January 27, 2012



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bad Blogger, bad!

or bad mom, bad! I've not taken ANY pictures, except these THREE, of my family! I haven't blogged in OVER a WEEK! What is going on? Nothing. We've just been going about our normal activities and I haven't documented any of it.
Austin had a bad last week with seizures, but we seemed to have gotten back on track.
Tyler went out of town for Region Choir tryouts this past Saturday.
Carli, is Carli.
And we are all loving our new baby!
 He's such a sweet boy!
He's very playful, but when the kids are gone to school, he gets as much sleep in as possible! I'm sure he enjoys the peace!
I like this picture of Carli and Austin. Carli is such a momma. Here she was showing her Bubby how to play a certain game on the computer.
I promise to myself I will do better at my picture taking and blogging!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Today marks ONE YEAR that I signed up to sell Scentsy!
I love everything about Scentsy products and being a consultant!
I get to meet new people, have parties, get free products, have a great team, and MAKE MONEY!

If you want any of the above benefits, let me know! I'd love to help you!
FYI: January is "Double Hostess Rewards". So book a home or basket party!
AND...If you do, I will also give YOU a free gift, in honor of my SCENTSY-versary!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good boy!

Oh this puppy love was the best decision! He's so good! So affectionate! so spoiled! He just makes us all so happy!

I took him to the groomers for the "works" Friday. I honestly felt like I was dropping off one of my children. I almost wanted to stay the whole time to watch him, instead of coming back two hours later!
And I didn't have to wonder/worry how he did, because he got a "PAWgress" Report Card.
Also, since we changed his name when we got him, we still needed to change his tag. So he got his new name tag with his new name and on the back, his new family's information. I feel like he's officially ours now!

Saturday, January 14, 2012



Friday, January 13, 2012

First Awards Assembly!

(I forgot my camera and had to use my cell.)
Carli had her very first awards assembly!
I still can't believe we're half way through school. That she's attended 83 days of kindergarten. I know the number of days only because SHE told me!
Anyway, Carli got the "Beary Best Friend" award; for being a best friend to everyone! Oh I love kindergarten! So does she! She also got her report card today and it was fantastic!
You'll notice, and be shocked I'm sure, to see that she has no bow in her hair. In fact, I looked around at all of the kinder girls and not one single BOW! A headband or plain ponytail here of there, but no bow!She hasn't worn one lately. Some of the time she'll put a clip or headband on. She now fixes her own hair and picks out her own clothes. This all will take some time for me to get use to. Her first word after all was BOW! I remember like it was yesterday how I would walk into her room and see her standing in her crib pointing to her bow holder, saying, "BOOOWW" and then patting her head! Uh, my baby girl! So, you can see how school has changed her quite a bit!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year Happenings

Turns out, if I don't blog in over a week, people start to wonder what's going on? Who'd have thought?! SO, guess I should blog...
NOTHING has been going on. Well, life, but nothing too exciting! Sadly, I haven't even taken pictures, except for the few above! The one of Charlie by himself was when I took him to pick up Carli from school, sitting in the car line for the first time. He loved it and so did Carli! That will now be an everyday occurrence! The picture of the chairs and table - they're from my bedroom. The chairs use to have a blue pillows on them and the table had a silver lamp on it. I moved them into my living room, switched out the pillows and lamp...I believe I like them there!
Anyway, the kids had three weeks off for Christmas break, so, the first week of the new year, we just laid around, enjoying having nothing to do. Tyler was gone last weekend to Pearland, to hang out with friends. The 9th, school started back, YAY! I enjoy a break in the routine, but not for too long, so Monday was great for me! I did all of my house cleaning Sunday, so that Monday I only had laundry to do. It was cold and rained, a perfect day to stay in and cuddle with my pup. He needed the extra lovin' since it was his first time with ALL three kids and Anthony gone for the day.
See, I told ya, we've been up to nothing!
I'll blog again very soon and WILL have more pictures!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


We had a FUN time ringing in 2012 at the Ely's house.