Thursday, October 31, 2013

Book Character Dress Up Day

This year, Book Character Dress Up Day at school, they couldn't have their parade outside.
Thunderstorms and flash flooding.
So, it was in the hallways.
Carli wanted to buy a new book, but I thought she had plenty of books at home 
that she could choose from.
She was not happy at all with my decision!
She said she didn't like any of her books!
She said she didn't want to dress up.
Well, sorry, that wasn't an option.
Starting in second grade, they have to write a book report,
 dress up like that character,
 and give the report orally in front of the class!
The day before, I finally picked the book myself.
It needed to be a quick read.
It also needed to be something that we already had some things around the house
 that she could use as dress up.
This was what I picked:
"Fancy Nancy Hair Do's and Hair Don'ts"
 She read it. Did her report.
One of the questions was "What was your favorite part of the story?"
Her answer was, "I didn't have a favorite part."

I found some things that could work.
I had grand plans for her hair.
She did not.
So she said she wanted some little braids and would put two hair accessories in.
I thought she looked great!
She was still not thrilled.
I hope she did good on her report and she had a good day!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Tyler's high school days are pretty busy. He's having a pretty fun year!
He hasn't been working too much. School is taking priority.
He performed in his choir concert last weekend. Three nights.
 Courtney always makes sure I get a picture of the both of them!
Such great friends!
Last week his choir had auditions for their January musical production.
He auditioned with over 130 choir members.
 a little over 80 were picked.
This evening we found out that he made the cast!
We are so excited!!
So, they'll perform in...

School Days

I laugh and say that when your wife and mom are 2nd VP of the PTA, she'll put you to work...
'cause I did!
And I have no pictures of the carnival because I was too busy working the carnival.
It was a huge success!
 WATCH D.O.G.S day came!
She was so excited to have her daddy there at school all day long.
He helped in several classrooms, including hers, helped in the morning car line,
patrolled the school property.
I brought pizza at lunch time and we ate together.
Little known fact: The WATCH D.O.G.S Program was first established at our school, eight years ago. It was Tyler's fourth grade  year. Anthony was the first WATCH D.OG.S!
I have a picture that I'll post of them.

 Carli got to introduce her daddy on the morning announcements!

It was a huge deal!
She thought she was a rockstar!
She asked if he could do it everyday!


School picture day.
Spirit Night at Buffalo Wild Wings!
Below would be the back eye she got from the grocery cart at Walmart!
She turned to tell me something and hit her eye right on the handle!
 That same shopping trip to Walmart, she got this shirt.
She loves it!
Oh, and the shorts! She's decided she like shorts and jeans now!
It's been over five years since she's worn either!

Austin's Senior Portraits!

We got the proofs in the mail!
There were so many good ones!
I think I narrowed it down to these two.
I think?!
Including Austin!
He smiles so big we he sees them and says, "I do look really handsome!"
The tuxedo one goes in the yearbook!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Our PTA worked a concession stand at our high school's football game
 to help raise money for scholarships.
It was a lot of FUN!
 This was only one shift of volunteers. We had a lot.
 Us board members.
 Now, our football team is one of the best around. So far, no teams have scored any points against us!
Our drill team and cheerleaders are awesome!
Our band is award winning!
But us girls were NOT watching the game in the above picture.
We were watching JJ Watt!
He goes to most of our games.
He lives in our town (as well as other famous athletes).
It's so exciting!
We're not Texans fans...well, ANTHONY is not a Texans fan!
 But it's still neat seeing JJ around our town and especially supporting our school!
Oh, and this game, we won, 65-0!