Sunday, November 2, 2014



 Monday was "sock it to drugs". We wore our crazy socks! (I wore mine with flip flops!)
 Tuesday was "put a cap on drugs". We wore caps.
 Wednesday was "we're red-y to be drug free". We wore red.
 Thursday was "team up against drugs". We wore jerseys.

 Friday was "too characterized to do drugs". We dressed up as storybook characters. 
I was from the book, "the day the crayons quit".
Carli was Fern from "Charlotte's Web"
SHe had to do a report on her's.
 THEN, there was a character parade!
 Look at me in the above picture and Carli in the below picture...
You can definitely tell we were having FUN!

School Carnival

The ONLY pictures I got!
Rose helped me make a sign for Carli's class booth.
 Carli and her friend.
Carli was not even there an hour. She ate a snow cone, jumped in a bounce house.
She was feeling bad and when we got home, she had 101.7 fever! 
She ran it all weekend.

Work FUN!

I'm loving working at Carli's school!
 We all wore orange for Anti-Bullying Day.

And some days Carli and I match with our school shirts!

Tyler's Chamber Halloween Party

AND I wanted to put this picture on here.
The Chamber Choir gets a embroidered travel garment bag. 
They add their name on them. 
Tyler had them put his nick name on it! Ha!
This is what EVERYONE in school calls him.


Austin went on a field trip with his Life Skills class to the Brazoria County Fair.
He had so much fun!


Tyler auditioned for this year's musical, 
Guys and Dolls.

Tyler's Broadway Nights Choir Concert

Tyler had three show times for Broadway Nights.
He performed two numbers at each time.
They were FANTASTIC!

His fans!


Our high school had it's first cross-town show down with the other high school in out town.
Everyone went!
I didn't get any pics of Tyler.
He was so busy that day and night.
Austin was able to go with his classmates and teachers.
He had an absolute blast! 
 Here he is below at the pep rally!!

 The game was also pink out, in honor of breast cancer awareness.

 The mascots, duking it out!

It was A HUGE deal. All of the Houston television stations were there.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Just because. A couple of pics of Anthony!


Hangin' out with her best friend...
Drivin' around and stoppin' for some ice cream!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Tyler...this boy is really lovin' his junior year in high school!
I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this picture!
Tyler and his friends. 
Dressed up as spider-man.
In Wal-mart.
At midnight!
Doesn't surprise me at all!
 The choir has a "welcoming party"
They are divided into teams and do all types of crazy, messy games.
Survivor kind of.
This year's theme was, "The Walking Dead"
They really had a fantastic time!!


Austin's class went on a field trip to Space Center.
With his class, teachers, aides, and peer buddies, it makes a total of 32 in their group.
Space Center is not cheap. We were able to get very discounted tickets, but THEN a couple got all 32 tickets donated! 
They had so much fun! 
Austin talked so much about it!
 Austin brought home this letter.
We are proud!
CBVI- is Community Based Vocational Instruction.
Since he has already graduated, he does all 7 class periods of CBVI.
Basically, it's job training. 
He folds clothes and other household chores.
He has many jobs around the school too.
He works in the school spirit store, cafe', cafeteria, print shop. He's everywhere!
My friend, works at the high school and her and her son see Austin every single.
He always stops to say HI to them!


It was dress code release at Carli's school for National Hispanic Cultural Day.
Of course this lil' girl had to dress up, she is half hispanic after all.
it's funny, she always tells us that she "likes being a Mexican",
But she will also say, "why am I Mexican but not from Mexico? Why am I from Bryan but born in Houston?"
We tried to explain to her the Mexico part and I think she may get it.
The Bryan and Houston part...
We tell her that she is not from Bryan, She was born in Houston. We (Anthony, myself, and the boys) were all born in Bryan,