Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Book Character Parade

Halloween Day ended Carli's elementary school's Red Ribbon Week.
They had a book character parade.
I remember like it was yesterday, all of the years the boys did it there too!
It's always so fun to see.

 Carli was a kitten from the book," Happy Halloween Mittens".
She was quite the sassy cat!
She loved every bit of it!
 Carli and her teacher. She was,"Fancy Nancy bakes cupcakes"
Carli and two of her classmates.
I was unable to go because I had a doctor appointment at the exact same time as the parade, but Anthony was here and went. He took these pictures and even videos. Good daddy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Austin was so excited to wear his new A&M hoodie to school!
Just a boy and his dog :) Tyler and Charlie
Carli had an eventful past few days. She had hat day, lost another tooth
 (that makes her 4th and she has two more loose!).
She also learned all about the election. She can tell you all of the qualifications of running for president. She's really gotten into it and even says she wants to be the first girl president! The whole school cast their vote for who they wanted for President. With a mock voting station.
Momma duck sitting on her babies.
We've gotten quite attatched to them.She's been sitting on them and hasn't left in about four days.
This is her nest. I cought this when she got off to eat.
Those are her feathers! One morning, Carli and I watched the daddy duck pluck them from her and then they made the nest. SO AMAZING! 
Here's some duck info: the momma will lay an egg or two a day until there are a total of 10-18 eggs. That is when she will start sitting on them, all day for 28 days. Although, she will leave nest for about 1/2 hour a day to eat, drink and bathe in water, and go back to the nest all wet. This helps the eggs, as they need moisture. SO COOL!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Emotional meeting

ARD meetings. You can read more about an ARD meeting here. They an be quite overwhelming...the whole process, proceedures/ laws,and overall information.

We've always had really good meetings. Sadly, with most special needs students everywhere, that's not always the case. We're lucky. Whomever is on Austin's team, each year, each school, truly is on his team. They are always right there beside Anthony and I when it comes to decisions for school and life outside of school.

We usually have about two-three a year, depending on testing, renewel of services, etc. We've already had two this year, since he was new to the school. The meetings are getting a little more emotional for me. Austin is older now and a lot of the things we discuss are concerning graduating and life outside of school. Being 18, mentally disabled, and having seizures, how do we as parents, plan his future? So much has to be thought about and done. Some things we didn't even know to think about. For instance, a few years ago, we found out that at the age of 18, we need to file papers to become his legal guardian. Makes sense. At 18, you're legally an adult, on your own. Well, in his case, he isn't capable of making his own decisions and being on his own. You're also going to need to figure out that if something happens to the parents, who will care for them? Just hard stuff!

This past meeting, we went over his schedule for the spring and the rest of his school years. Even those he's in Special Education and works on his own level, he still has to have the same amount of courses and credits to graduate. OH GRADUATE! Another decision. Special Needs students are by law, allowed to stay in school until they are 22 years old if the parents choose. We've always said that he would stay until then. Austin is scheduled to graduate in a year and a half. So, at 20. He also has a choice of walking the stage then or at 22.

I hadn't given that much thought. Maybe on purpose, I don't know? I sat and thought about it during our meeting. I said to everyone, he might should walk the stage at 22 when he's completely done and leaving. It would be less confusing to him. If he were to walk at 20 he wouldn't understand why he was going to go back to school. At that moment, one of Austin's teachers said, "Well, if he walked the stage at 22, then he would walk at the same time Tyler would walk." I about fell out of my chair!
I hadn't thought about that either! Anthony says that he's always known that. I didn't. I guess it's that part of me that wants them to stay little forever. So sitting there, I'm flooded with thoughts of Austin graduating and being done with school AND Tyler!Tyler is graduating in four years! I know, four years is for years, not like it's next week, BUT it will go by quickly! Look at how fast the years have gone by thus far! My baby boys, 14 and 18 are going to walk the same stage to get their dioplomas in four years TOGETHER! Awe, together! I then started to cry!
Yep, cry.
 In the meeting.

Alarm dog...

You would think he would help me get Austin up in the mornings.
He just snuggles away with him instead!
That's our Charlie though.
If he sees someone sitting or laying, he's gonna lay down on you!

Carli girl

She's a crafy girl...
 She made a bow.
 She's a smart girl...
She wanted to write to 100 before bed.
She's an animal/bug lover...
 We found these snails inside her cup holder of her car seat. I had no idea she put them there!
She's also a friendly/playful girl...
She loves it that her classmate lives a short bike ride away and comes over to play
 and brings her big sister! She can play out there forever!

Musical Update

We found out Monday that Tyler was
 the ONLY FRESHMAN chosen to be in the high school musical!
 Out of 135+ that auditioned, only 60 were chosen. Pretty cool that he was the only freshman!
So excited for him!
He's about to start rehearsals every weekday after school. So he'll be really busy.

Spirit Week

The boys' high school had homecoming week, which meant different dress up days that week.
The only days they dressed up were Super Hero Day, Pink Out, and the HS colors.
Unfortunately, this is the ONLY pictures I got of them...boys, ugh!


I see ducks and have the urge to yell, "AFLACK!"
Anyway, the ducks really like our yard.
This momma and daddy have decided to lay their eggs in my flower bed, right next to my front door!
This will be the third time. The two times before, we were living in Bryan  so we never got to see.
 They're nice. We don't bother them. They don't bother us.
 It's been really neat to watch.
 Momma made her nest, laid one egg and left.
 The parents would both come a few times each day and stay a while.
 A couple of days after her first egg, she laid another.
Then an egg a day.
 She would leave them uncovered, until she got to five eggs.
Now she covers them whenever they're gone.
One morning, as she was moving around, I counted TEN eggs!
Not sure how long we wait now until babies. I'm so ready to see them!
And this is another random duck. He just hangs out across the street with the house that has all of the cats outside! He never leaves them.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I love them!
All of them!
I could sit and watch them all day!
I love any type of singing, dancing, and plays.
Don't mistake that for me loving doing any of those. I just like being a spectator.
I believe that's something I got from my mom. We would watch musicals (as well as black and white movies) together.
Anthony also likes them, but he's one that likes the participating.
He was in choir, musicals, and even plays. Oh, and we will never forget his dance group, "TOL"!

It's hard to pick one favorite musical, but I will say that South Pacific is high on that list. IN FACT, the very first time I ever saw Anthony, he was a sophmore, I was a freshman,  and he was performing in South Pacific at our high school. He was such a cute sailor!
I was excited to find out that Tyler's high school choir was putting on South Pacific this year (January '13)! Anthony and I immediately said we would have to go see it!
It didn't even click with me that my freshman Tyler would go to the auditions when the time came, but he did! He went in to audition for the ensemble.

Out of 140 students, 60 were chosen. TYLER WAS ONE OF THOSE CHOSEN! And NOT for the ensemble. He will play the part of Jerome. The French plantation owner's son. He sings a duet and has speaking parts. ALL DONE IN FRENCH!

Anthony never knew Tyler auditioned, much less got a part. We waited until Anthony came home on the weekend and surprised him! He was exstatic!
TYLER, we are SO VERY PROUD of you!
Can't wait till January!

Monday, October 8, 2012


A lot of going-ons, but not a lot of pictures to show for it.
Anthony is still working in Bryan and I'm still single-momma during the week.
It's hard, but we're managing pretty well.
All of the kiddos are making really good grades and really liking school. They all have homework every night.
 Tyler stays busy with choir. Choir fundraising, choir socials, and concerts every month. His last concert was a two-night event, called "Broadway Nights" (during intermission, they served cake balls and punch, YUM!). We were blown away at how talented these high schoolers were! AND the fact that they have a choreographer should tell you something. WOW!
 Fall means bowling season for Special Olympics, so Austin has bowling every Saturday.
 Carli-girl is busy too. She is over the moon that she is in Girl Scouts and is a Daisy!
And that's it on the Ramirez homefront.