Thursday, July 25, 2013

PTA Weekend

This past weekend, I went to a PTA conference.
 I serve on our Executive Board at Carli's school.
We were gone for three days in Dallas.
We had quite a fun road trip there.
Making a couple of stops.
All of us in front of a statue at our hotel, The Hilton Anatole.
Yep, we sat on it...bad moms!
 Us VP's!
 All of us outside in the courtyard area. Yes, there is a photo bomber! Yes, it was planned!
She was a lady from another PTA.
We did a photo bomb on their group photo too!
Yep, pretty sure we weren't suppose to be on there either!
Over 3,000 PTA members
Over 900 vendors
SO MANY classes that I took over those three days.
Our first class started at 8am.
Our last class ended at 6:15pm.
Each class was an hour long with an hour lunch.
I learned a lot.
Had to get a pic in front of our school supply vendor.
 Our hotel was ginormous!
Hard to ge3t many pics of it.

 Parts of the Berlin Wall.

It was the most beautiful hotel I've seen.
All of our rooms we had our classes in were just as pretty!
Food Trucks=Lunch Time!
It was such a FUN weekend!

The kids

Austin is enjoying summer.
Sailing, going to the movies, going out to eat.
He's getting plenty of drawing time in.
He says he misses his friends at school.
Tyler went to church camp.
Even saw our cousin, who was a camp counselor.
Enjoying working still.

 Carli is having fun with play dates, swimming, movies, crafting, writing, reading,
 playing with her toys, etc. You name it, she's done it.
She says she's bored and "kinda ready to go back to school and start second grade"
She was very sick for over a week.
 Turns out, after a trip to the ER, she had strep!
Look at those sick little eyes!
This picture below, was from Great Grandma's funeral.
Austin, Arlyssa, Tyler

Great Grandma

On July 13th, Anthony's Grandma, my children's Great Grandmother, Janie,
 was called home to Jesus!
She will be missed dearly.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th FUN!

Earlier in the day, we hung out swimming and eating hotdogs, while our Tyler was at work.
Chick Fil A closed at 4pm, so around 5 he came home.
We all got ready to go over to church where there was food, bands, etc. and then we would stay there to see the city's fireworks!

It was a GREAT 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sailing Part 4

After our sailing trip, Captain Rick took us over to the yacht club, so we could swim and have drinks.
The kids each got a real medal AND a certificate.
Captain Rick and his wife Valerie were so wonderful!
They really treated us special!
We happened to be their first family that they took out with Sailing Angels!
That made it even more sweeter.
We bonded with them and I know they feel the same way.
We will (and have) definitely keep in touch.
It was the best experience for our family!
We talk about it all of the time!
You can see why I have all of these pictures!

Sailing Part 3

We all took a turn at the helm!
Carli did too, but I can't fined her picture :(
Part 4, YES, part 4, coming up!
It should be the last of our sailing posts!