Friday, June 13, 2014

Austin's Graduation Ceremony

This day!
We prayed and many of you prayed for this day!
 I even have a close friend who's father put Austin on his prayer chain!
WE ALL wanted Austin to be seizure free days prior, the day of,  and after, 
so that he could truly enjoy and participate in this HUGE MOMENT!
He remained seizure free!
The days leading up to and the actual day we tried to remain calm around him. 
We didn't want that excitement to trigger a seizure.
It was hard.
There ended up being lots of freak out excited moments!
That morning, we leisurely got ready.
Not to rush him.
We needed to leave the house at 3:30.
We did great on time and were able to take several pictures.
He looked so handsome!
He was happy and well behaved!
If you know him, you know he KNOWS he is handsome. He kept telling us that and how good he looked!
The graduation ceremony was held at The Reliant Stadium. Home of the Houston Texans.
When we past the stadium, I started feeling very queasy...okay, maybe I felt that way the whole day!
I was just so nervous!
It was fairly easy getting Austin where he needed to be.
All of his teachers met us at The Amegy tunnel. 
That's one of the tunnels the Houston Texans go through to get to the field.
So it was cool.
Only one parent was allowed to go in, so that was me. Once I did, I had to quickly leave.
Oh I was really starting to feel nervous. For almost an hour he would be with them and we would be in our seats waiting for it to start!
He marched in with them all.
This was really happening!!
(You don't hear me screaming and doing the ugly cry because Anthony was taking the video and I had walked further down to get a closer view, ha!)
 763 students from Pearland High School graduated!
It was so sweet, during the actual ceremony, a few of Tyler's friends who were graduating, texted him to tell him "Hey I just saw your brother!"
Austin and his teachers.
They said he was wonderful the whole time! 
He did exactly what he was suppose to, and was very quiet.
He loves to talk, so that was amazing!
Austin and his friend that he's known since they were little boys! 
Austin was fantastic! 
Anthony and I still can't believe this day happened! 
Not only did it happen, it was PERFECT!
And from Austin to you...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Austin's Graduation Day

Today is a HUGE day!
I have so many emotions! 
I have more than a thousand words that I could use to describe the way I feel!
Not sure I can even put those words/feelings into a blog post?
He is my first born. I always dreamed of the day Austin would graduate from high school.
But with him being mentally disabled and in Special Needs classes (5th grade till now), working at his own pace, his own accommodations, I just had a hard time picturing this moment happening.
With Austin, it's hard to look into the future too much. 
We just don't really know how things will be for him.
We live in the moment with him and look just a little bit ahead.
At the beginning of the school year, we were told that he was indeed classified as a Senior and he could walk the stage at the end of this school year or wait until he ages out of the school system (age 22).
We picked this year!
I'm feeling very emotional this morning!
I'm sure most graduates' mommas are, but my feelings are so different from theirs.
Oh my gosh!
I've said many prayers for him over the past few months...
seizure free for the day leading up to, the day of, and the next day for his party.
There's not many experiences this boy gets to have or will have, so THIS day and his party day tomorrow, is what we want for him so badly!!!
We're trying to remain calm for him.
Not too much excitement, but it's so hard! I feel like I'm about to jump out of my skin!
He works so hard at just day to day life!
His teacher at his kindergarten graduation, gave each child a word that describes them.
It's totally his word!
I thank God for this child!
We've learned a lot from him over the past almost 20 years!
Nope, it hasn't been easy, it's not easy, but the Lord knows we wouldn't have it any other way!

Pictured are Austin's Grandma, Great Grandpa, and Great Grandma, who've all passed away. 
Mimi, his other great grandma, is in an assisted living. I never even gave it a second thought on his Kindergarten graduation, that all of them would not be here for his high school graduation!!

Tyler's first and last day of his sophomore year!

I cannot believe that Tyler has gone two years of high school!
Everyone said high school flies by and boy they were right!
He had his last final exam yesterday morning, so he is officially a JUNIOR!
An "upper class man" as he's reminded me a few times!He had a fantastic school year! Actually his freshman year was fantastic too!
He's already for next year, I think because of choir, not the school work part.
Traditional first and last day of school pictures!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Carli's first and last day of 2nd grade!

Well, with tomorrow's last day of school being a half day, Austin's last day yesterday, and Tyler's last final this morning, we decided that little sister's last day would be today!
Here's her traditional first and last day of school pictures.
She's done with 2nd grade and ready for 3rd grade!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Austin's Last Day of School

The traditional first day and last day of school pictures.
He had a GREAT school year!
Friday, June 6th is and early release for the last day of school.
However, Austin's last day was Wednesday, June 4th.
We want him good and rested for Friday afternoon.
his Graduation party on Saturday!
He has several triggers for seizures.
So, we're hoping that a day and a half of no school will help some!


We are SO proud of and Excited for Tyler!!!
He made PHS Chamber Choir!
This is a big deal!
It's like a varsity choir/ honors choir.
They have more performances, contests, and travel.
The choir is made of 65 students.
30 spots available.
92 students auditioned for a spot.
He even had a practice after school on  the second to the last day!

He's already off to a GREAT Junior year!

My award

I received a volunteer appreciation award today.
For volunteering over 100 hours for our school.
And It was pointed out that it would've been way more, but those are just the hours recorded on the website.
I said it before, I LOVE our school and I LOVE helping out in any way!
My pleasure!

2nd Grade Awards and End Of The Year Party

Carli had dress code release today for her Awards Ceremony and End Of The Year Party.
She received two awards.
They had pizza, chips, fruit, cupcakes, and Koolade Jammers at their party.
She had the best time!
It was over at 11:30 and I checked her out of school early.

Monday, June 2, 2014


Carli found herself in her yearbook several times and 
said, "Mom, here, take a picture of me in this book!"
She as so excited to receive her yearbook and find herself, all of her friends, as well as Anthony and I too! Ha!