Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Ours was great! The guys played football outside while lunch was being prepared. Carli watched the parade on tv.
Then, we ate.We laughed at how quiet we were during lunch. We were just too busy shoveling food in our mouth to talk! After we ate, we were needing relaxation. Austin in his room watching a movie. Tyler in his room playing a game. Carli laying down in her room watching tv. Anthony put up the tree lights,while I watched him.This picture is out of order. This was Carli watching the parade in the morning.
We were still full from lunch, that at dinner time we ate deserts, while watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving! We put the kids to bed and then watched some of the Aggie game. Around 9ish, Joni came to get me and away we went to the craziness of Black Friday! Since it was still early, we went to one store that was open, then onto Toys R Us. We got there about 10:30pm. They opened at midnight. We really couldn't see the line, so we thought it wasn't so bad....
WRONG! This picture doesn't do it justice! We were about ten store fronts down from Toys R Us. Probably 600 people in front of us! I kid you not! The wait wasn't that bad though. They allowed a certain amount of people in at a time. We got in at about 1am and they were still stocked with toys. The employees were great. We got out of there in 20 minutes! Fine experience, so hey, let's hit up Walmart next, they even let you wait in the store. We took our loot home and went over to Walmart. Started out fun, but, um, I can't even describe the drama over some $3 children's' pjs and track suits...INSANE might be a good word? What about SCARY? And we were in a good neighborhood, but apparently that doesn't say much! Did I think I may have to assist in a brawl? OH MY! Thankfully we got our goods and high tailed it out of there and there was no lines at the register! We stopped at Walgreen's for a more relaxed shopping atmosphere and then went home to our nice warm beds!
How was your Thanksgiving? Did you go Black Friday shopping?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Very thankful today for all of my family and friends! Have a great day of Thanks Giving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


For siblings and a NEICE!Thank you God!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Decor

You've seen my fall decorations here.
Now lets' throw in the Thanksgiving decor! My all time favorite decorations for the seasons are the things my kids make!This is Carli's monthly Bible verse from school.Her Indian headband and Pilgrim finger puppets.
Austin, from the 1st grade!Tyler, from Kindergarten.Carli, from last year and this year.A dish towel.Turkey, from Rose last year.Pumpkins from my secret prayer pal last year.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Preschool Thanksgiving

We are off from school this whole week for Thanksgiving! A nice, much needed break for my kids and I! Last week, Anthony was off.
Friday was a big day at preschool. Thanksgiving Feasts! Carli helped make these mini apple pies to take to her teachers.Her class feast consisted of pizza...her absolute fave! Not sure why so serious? Much better! This was the sweet smile I got as I was leaving her class to go back to my feast.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

Last night, Anthony was doing some organizing and found this cd with tons of pictures on it from...7 YEARS AGO!
It was from Deyanira's camera. Back in 2002, Anthony was living in Houston, getting ready to open the new bank. Our house wasn't finished being built. The boys and I were in Bryan, staying at Mimi's house, since our house sold in ONE DAY!
This particular day, Deyanira and her kiddos and me and my boys loaded up and drove to Houston to surprise Anthony! We stopped by our new house to check on the progress. Then went to the little neighborhood park.Look at these babies! OOOHHH my heart melts! Austin and Sam were 8. Tyler and Christian were 4. Baby girl Emily was 3. Look at my boys' little Hulk shirts. Again, time flying by...not liking it! After that, we headed over to the bank to check out the progress of that too.And the last stop, the ever important Chuck E. Cheese!The day was great! The drive home...not so much! I'll just say it took forever to get home! Maybe because of a wrong turn, maybe because someone (*cough, cough* Deyanira!) said she "knew the loop"! Yah, we laugh now, but....AHHH, the memories!Glad to share it all with the Ely's!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


For my mom, my mother in law, my Mimi, and Grandparents in law!Thank you God!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Waz up!

Yesterday, Anthony, Carli, and I went to Tyler's Thanksgiving lunch at school. This is his last year in middle school. The time is really flying by! It's still strange to me to look across the cafeteria and maybe see one or two of his ol' buds from elementary school. The next group of kids coming in for lunch, we did see a few boys and girls we knew. My how they're growing! They're just all starting to go their own ways, all of them separated into other classes in other hallways, never seeing each other.
Tyler actually wanted his parents and little sister to come to school and he was even excited for us to meet his new friends in his class. They seemed like a good bunch. Now, just because he "let" us come to school, does not mean that we could talk to anyone in his class. Well, Mr. Tyler, if you're not going to talk to us though while we're there, then we'll just talk to some of your classmates. ONE of them might just be a certain girl that a certain Tyler likes....OH THE EMBARRASSMENT!!!! So he was none to happy with us when he got home. I happen to mention to him that I did have my camera in my purse and I could've taken pictures.
These are pictures of Tyler when he came in last night from playing. I say night, but it was really 5:30 pm, but it was dark. I feel like he should've said "Waz up", cause he was looking a little hip hop to me. So then of course he had to pose like it. Never a dull moment with my Tyler. So funny!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gettin' my craft on

Last Friday, my lil' shopping companion and I headed to a local church's craft fair (the church where I work and Carli goes to school). There were lots of vendors. Lots of cute stuff! I've gone every year since we've lived here and the one thing I make sure not to leave without is their vegtable soup and chicken salad sandwich...YUMMY!!!We had a fun time!Saturday, I went over to my friend Rose's house. She's quite the busy gal. She's known for her Stampin' Up. She's awesome! But now she's selling these amazing candles. So, she was having a "come and go" candle party and then, one of her famous "make and take classes". We made these precious cards:
This card did have red and green m&m's in it. Carli ate them. Hard to tell by the card, but it had a slider inside so your candy wouldn't spill out. CU-UTE! A little box...I made a box! It too had candy in it!You open this one up...I managed to save this candy! It's so neat to make things.
I had a fun time! Nothin' like girl talk, food, and craftin'

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Today is my Mimi's Birthday! My grandmother, the kids' great grandmother.
We love you Mimi! Have a fabulous day!!!And yes, this is a Hummer cake. No kidding, my Mimi loves Hummers! She wants one. She can have a cake one instead!Ha!