Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A girl and her dog


Carli has had such a fun summer with such sweet friends!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Vacay over, time to get our pup!

We sure missed him and he sure missed us!
A week is a long time!

Ramirez Family Vacation Part 7

We were SO sad to leave!
This was such an incredible vacation for us!

I think we all looked pretty cute in our Destin shirts!

Ramirez Family Vacation Part 6

I'm telling you, it was beautiful! 

Ramirez Family Vacation Part 5

Some might see this as the tram stop sign.
We see it as T-RAM, his nickname.
 I can not believe he's going into his senior year!
This is an evening on the beach playing around, soaking in our last night at such a beautiful place!

 Carli made a friend. Same age as her. Hannah, from Austin. Isn't that fun!

Ramirez Family Vacation Par 4

The BEST place to eat!
The food was FANTASTIC!
Southern food. Fried green tomatoes, pimena cheese burgers...oh my!
SO much FUN!
LuLu's (she's the sister of Jimmy Buffet)!

 On a beach. Tons of things for your kids to do before or after eating.

 The driver of our shuttle was too cute! He told Carli to get in the passenger seat and direct him to our car. Then let them sit in the driver's seat.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Ramirez Family Vacation Part 3

Our view from lunch on the beach one day.

 We got a kick out of our water in the glass bottle!
It was SO refreshing after coming in from the beach!
 We ate out for some meals.
Every morning and most lunches were eaten at our house.
We bought groceries when we arrived there.
This particular time we were going out shopping for our souvenirs and then to eat ice cream for DINNER!
It ended up raining that night quite a bit, but the ice cream place was still packed!
The line went around the building. It was not a dine in place. All the tables were outside.
And YES, everyone stayed and ate their ice cream outside under the umbrella tables, in the rain!
Including us!
It was good! It was fun! It was worth it!

Ramirez Family Vacation Part 2

This was our commute to the beach from our little home!

We were quite the beach bums everyday and LOVED it!