Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lasso Up-Carli's School's Spring Fair

A lot of hard work, a great group of parent/teacher volunteers, about 79 Aggie student volunteers (from A&M's Big Event), the perfect weather, and the most money ever raised in our school's history, made for a SPECTACULAR SPRING FAIR!
 The boys didn't want to go, but Carli went and loved spending her tickets on jumping, fingernail painting, getting candy.
 She came home with this beautiful balloon flower!
 And a new fish that she won in a game! She named it "Lollipop" but then came home and gave it to Austin and he named it "Goldie".
 I also came home with something that I won in the silent auction!
Each of the kindergarten classes did a print like this. This is a BIG canvas, with the hand of each child, holding a rock with their name on it! PRICELESS!
I'm in love!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kindergarten Babies

This whole year, with Carli being in kindergarten, I've thought back about the boys when they were this age. Each time, I would come back to same thought, "Where did the time go?"
Look at these BABY BOYS!!
Oh my babies!!

Today, I thought about CARLI being in kindergarten and how the year is almost over, because she started talking about going to FIRST GRADE! And if that wasn't enough, she then takes her very own kindergarten school picture out of her folder...
WOW! What a sweet surprise!
Look at her beautiful lil' smile! Just like her brothers'!!!
My baby pretty!
Kindergartners, SO precious!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mother/Daugher Mani/Pedis!

Over Spring Break (St. Patrick's Day actually), I was talking about going to get a pedicure, when Carli pipes up and says she wants to go with me. I told her she could go, but only if she got one too. Well, she loves to get her nails painted, but has never wanted to go and get a pedicure. Much to my surprise, she said she would! I wasn't quite sure she would though.
 Once we walked in, she told the lady she wanted purple toes, pink fingers, and flowers! I couldn't believe my ears! THEN, she plops herself in the spa chair next to me and chats with the lady doing her nails. Who was this girl? Carli seemed liked she had been going there for years! HA!
When we were leaving, she tells the lady, that she'll be back and she already knows what colors and designs she wants! WHAT? She said designs! OH MY!
I believe she's now a little obsessed!
I am so happy she loved it and wasn't too shy or scared anymore!
It made for a fantastic mother/daughter experience and I sure can't wait for more of those times!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oceans of Fun!

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this page to pause the music, then come back up here to play the videos.

Carli's Kindergarten Music Program was tonight. We had big plans on inviting all of our family to it, but decided not to, since she kept saying, "I'm not gonna do it". She was suppose to wear jeans, but told her music teacher that she didn't like to wear pants, so she didn't have any, so could she wear her blue jean skirt? So, she did. I couldn't believe she asked her that. She also would not wear her costume! UGH! WELL, surprise, surprise...SHE SANG AND DID THE BOTH performances (the one for the whole school and the one for family).
The program was SUPER CUTE! Each class was a different sea creature. There were lobsters, octopus, whales, and JELLY FISH (Carli's class).
Afterwards, just like we do for anything that her brothers do at school, she got to pick where we eat for dinner. No surprise here, she picked Casa Ole'. Why do my kids always pick there? Then, we swung by the store to pick out a Polly Pocket, that may or may not have been her bribe for performing.

Thursday, March 1, 2012